Wednesday, June 6, 2018

15 tips for a happy relationship and love life

Love and Relationship requires thoughtfulness and dedication from the associated partners. In our busy schedule maintaining a relationship through the ups and downs is tough. But no worries keeping your love life happy doesn’t require a lot of effort, rather it’s about the small things that you have to maintain. Here are some tips that we would recommend-

1. Listen to your partner
I may sound like captain obvious, but when you really allow yourself to listen and ask questions about what your partner says; it will lead to better communication and conversation. Most of the relations become bitter just due to lack of listening each other’s mind. Piling up of these thoughts ultimately results into a state of awkwardness, and ends the relationship.

2. Put away your phones.
Yes, we are now submerged in technology. Smart phones are sometimes the biggest enemy of a relationship. Put away your phones when you are together. One of the best relationship tips is to give your undivided attention when your partner is talking to you. When you are together, be together – instead of being in the virtual world. If you talk to couples over 60 years old, you will get the idea how being together for each other without technology helps them. Also, Step away from the laptop during quality time. Everything on the Internet will still be there later.

3. Be together
Traveling together, seeing the world together creates amazing shared memories. Go on a long bike ride. Go on a walk together somewhere beautiful. Even walking in garden holding hands will strengthen the bond you have. Plan small outings, surprise them with dinner, give small but meaningful gifts. Take the time to actually look into one another’s eyes. Make ample time for cuddling, make out and say that you love them. Being there for each other builds trust, dependence and respect.

4. Appreciate your relationship
Stop living for what it can be.  Learn to appreciate the love you have today. You may end up regretting things in future, thinking what you could have done to make your relationship work. So show your emotion, appreciate your partner and be happy. Find about things they love and comfort them by being their confidence booster, these will strengthen your bond. Let them know that you notice the little things he does by saying thank you for routine tasks like picking up groceries, doing chores etc.

5. Stop nagging
Seriously, stop. Nagging over petty things takes the life out of a happy relationship. Take a step back and figure out the significant things of your partner that bothers you, and approach them from a place of concern and support instead of nitpicking. Nagging about every trivial thing will get you nowhere. Be considerate, two persons cannot be the same. So stop pushing each other in every matter.

6. Start admitting your fault
A simple “Sorry” or “I was wrong” can save the relation. So stop being adamant, admitting that you are wrong won’t destroy the world. Rather, that will teach your partner to be careful about things to do or not. Being lenient in some cases may resolve the issue and not lead to a bigger fight.  

7. Keep it Simple, don’t complicate things
Stop complicating things that aren’t complicated enough. In the event that you weep over the way that your relationship is going too well, you may need to return to why you're always searching out drama. Keep it simple, over thinking and complicating things may just lead to end of a happy relation based on nothing serious.

8. Write notes to each other
Handwritten notes are personal touches in today’s highly digital world. In this world of emails and internet saying things in letters in your own handwriting will surprise your partner. Writing notes to each other even in the form of the things to do in home will remind your partner about you and make them compassionate about you.

9. Be an open book
They can either deal with it or they can’t, but you must be your most honest self with your partner, it’ll come out eventually. So don’t keep too many secrets that can destroy your love life.

10. Make promises that you really can keep
Making false promises that you cannot keep will just reduce the trust your partner have on you. So only promise what you can provide. False promises will lead to unfulfilled expectations and bitterness.

11. Never forget the important dates of their life
Its and obvious mistake most of us do. We forget important days of our partners, don’t be that guy. Birthday, anniversaries or any small things that your partner wants to remember every year; make them special and be there with them. Set reminders in phone if you tend to forget the dates.

12. Like or react to social media photos
Well, now it’s a big issue indeed. Love the instagram photos and like facebook posts regularly. That would show him or her that you care about the things she wants to share with her friends as well as you.

13. Agree to disagree
This is one of the most important relationship tips, as you both have strong opinions and therefore some issues will never be resolved. Respect each other’s point of view and agree not to argue about the same issue.

14. Try silly things
In love there are no rules. Being silly for each other may seem banal and annoying but these things strengthen your connection. Give each other a pet name. In spotify or youtube make a playlist for both of you. Even better make a mix CD for each other.  Listen to classic love songs. Talk to each other in phone before lunch and dinner in person or via phone.

15. Let go of the past
We often let our past hurts dictate our present. Let go of past resentments and fears in order to live more fully with your partner right now. Don’t hold onto that thing your partner said or did a few months ago and bring it up each time you get mad. Do both of you a favor and let it go.

So, a happy relationship is not a myth; rather it’s all about the things you do to make it happy. Enjoy your time of togetherness and feel the love. 

15 tips for a happy relationship and love life

Love and Relationship requires thoughtfulness and dedication from the associated partners. In our busy schedule maintaining a relationship ...