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11 tips for online dating

Online dating is the newest addition to the art of finding love in a digital space. The Tinder generation has progressed a long way. Although meeting someone by just swiping right on your profile or finding someone from dating portal may sound fun at first glance, but it has some perks. There is a list of things you should check to get the dating game right.

Be safe
First and foremost thing you must be concerned about is safety. You are meeting a stranger. There is no point in putting yourself in danger. Pick a safe public place to meet your date. The person you are meeting may seem friendly and trustworthy from the online, but as prevention is better than cure; why not try to be in a safe place. Moreover, it will be much easier to avoid any unwanted sexual advances if you meet them in public

Let a friend know where you are going
Well, even if you choose a safe place let one of your friends know about the dating place. There is no shame in being too cautious. It is also applicable for men; some women may act creepy too. And you can use your friend to call off the date too, by simply asking them to call after an hour. Then you can run away from the date, using the friend as an excuse if you want.

Be genuine on your online profile
Being honest in online dating profile is a must. Faking your identity may cause extreme issues while dating a stranger. It’s always better to keep your shoes clean. A misguiding profile bio or picture may alienate your partner. So keep it simple and genuine. If you are not honest, you cannot expect honesty from the person you are meeting for the first time.

Do your research, but a little
Investigate a little. You don’t want yourself to be stalking a person you know a very little about. You don’t want to seem creepy and obsessed with someone you have not even met yet. You cannot judge a person just by investigating his social media profiles or his online personality. Don’t get your hopes up just by investigating your date, rather learn about your partner by talking to him or her in person.

Meet sooner, not later 
Well, most of the people who meet online end up being “online zoned”. They get attached just by chatting online. But you can’t judge a person without meeting; you may regret not meeting earlier. Some people may seem your type based on their online conversation, but may not be perfect in real life. So don’t be lethargic about meeting someone, approach to meet as early as possible. That would assert trust too. And you won’t regret being in the dark, later. Do not waste time just to flirt and spend weeks going back and forth with someone you haven't even met.

Be specific about what you want from a date
If you don’t want a long-term thing, or a marriage; stay away from sites or platforms that focus on matrimony. You don’t want your date to be confused about what you really want. Be clear about your expectations from the date. Make sure your goals are aligned, you should double check the relationship status they want in return. 

Have some guidelines about what you expect from a date
There is no point in spending your precious time with someone, whom you don’t even want to date. Yes, there is a plethora of guys or girls in the dating platform, but specify the types of person you don’t want to meet. Say, you don’t want a date with a smoker – specify it earlier to avoid such nuisance. Or say you don’t want to meet widowed men, just clarify it in your profile. Having some boundaries may filter some unwanted person, to begin with. Think of the things you really want as boundaries you don’t want to cross and avoid a wrong match.

Don’t judge a book by its cover
Keep your options open, being too rigid about your approach won’t be of any help. You are on an online dating portal to enjoy, why not let some things come as they are. Moreover only judging a person by online identity may be deceiving, so meet some people to experience the wildness of online dating. Who knows you may get your perfect match in the process.

Don’t be too hasty, take it slow
Don’t rush into anything, hold your horses. Talk to the person, discuss your preferences and likings. Take enough time to realize yourselves. Know about each other’s life goals and aspirations. A long conversation can clear up the uncertainties you may have in your mind. Rushing things will just rot the whole dating fun; it can also scare the person in the other end. 
A good conversation is helpful. But don’t blabber everything about yourself. Reveal only the things that are necessary. So don’t only talk about yourself, inquire about your date and try to know the things that matter to you. But don’t be awkward during the conversation, because everything may pack up in just a second’s awkwardness. Be yourself, enjoy the moment.

Always be ready for a rejection
You must realize the fact that not everyone will like you. So be ready for disappointment. Accept this fact like you have for other things in life. And sometimes you may have to disappoint someone, cause even a simple doubt should be dealt with ending the date. Rejection on day one may save probable future complications. 

Be confident about dating online
Just be confident about online dating. Now, It's one of the main ways people meet for love, sex, even business connections. There is no longer anything to be ashamed of! Put yourself out there because you will reap what you sow in love life.
We hope you will meet your destined one soon. 

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