Tuesday, August 1, 2017

8 signs of negative people you need to avoid

We all have ups and downs in our life. Different people deal with these things differently. Some remain calm, some panic, and some stay neutral. But there are always some people who finds something bad in everything. This type of people are expert in finding fault in even the best thing possible. Lack of confidence, anxiety, depression, supersensitivity are the sign of these people, who can be described as negative people. In order to stay positive, you need to avoid such company. To do so, first detecting a negative person is very important.
Here are some signs to detect a negative person.

1. They worry a lot: A negative person always has something to be worried about. Their anxiety is like a diet for their soul, and definitely an unhealthy one. They tend to look for a mishap even when everything goes right.

2. They complain against almost everything: Negative people has a tendency to complain against everything. Whatever you do, you’ll never be able to satisfy them. They tend to be the victim of bad weather, bad boss, ill luck and so on.

3. They are suspicious: Negative people are suspicious of everything. They find conspiracy in the simplest things. They have a mindset that everything in the world is against them. They never trust anyone completely.

4. They enjoy spreading bad news: Negative people love sharing bad news. This type of people often starts a conversation with the news of an accident, or a murder, or violence, and end up with the disgusting details of the crime scene.

5.  Negativity turns good into bad: Good news turns into bad when delivered by or shared to a negative person. If you share any achievement of yours with them, they’ll make it look negative in some way, or give you too many advice to feel good about it anymore. In the end, you’ll be left confused whether the news you shared was a good one or not. A negative person tends to absorb and take away all the positivity from the air.

6. “But” is their favorite word: Yes, they just love this word. Because it is the shortest way to inject a confusion into a sure success. “It’s good, but couldn’t it be better?” or “Red is good, but wouldn’t blue be better?” Every positive word you utter or thing you do will be followed by a “but”.

7. Complement is an alien word to negative people: Negative people are bad in compliments. As they always find something wrong with even the most perfect thing. They cannot possibly compliment anyone. Even if they manage to compliment, it is filled with a lot of doubt and confusion.

8. They are too afraid to try something new: Negative people are allergic to experiments. Their default mindset makes it impossible for them to try something new. As a result, they are usually underachievers and do not have a lot of experience.

The best way to deal with a negative person is to avoid or ignore. To stay positive, you not only need to stay away from negative people, but also limit the entry of negative news in your life. Sounds impossible, I know, but this has to be done if you want to create a positive vibe around you. You can try sticking to positive people. To find out people that share similar interest as you try social sites like www.meettheworld.com and find new friends here.

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