Sunday, August 6, 2017

5 ways to look for love

Some says that true love is found when you are not looking for it, like a bolt from the blue. But sometimes this rule doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes you need to keep an eye on the tracks of your life to find the Mr. or Mrs. Right. They don’t always fall from the sky and sometimes wait to be found.
So, these tips for looking for love are for those longing for love but haven’t found it yet. Keep looking out there, you’ll get it. Hope the tips help you on your way to the golden valley of love.

1. Love yourself:  If you desire to be loved, first you need to learn to love yourself. Love who you are and take care of yourself. Respect who you are, but don’t be proud. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn to forgive yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Do not stay in a bad relationship just because you need someone to love you. Learn to live alone and build some self-love within yourself.

2. Be yourself and accept yourself:  Do not try to make an appearance or make an appeal in front of people. When you stay natural, it leaves you with certain ease that makes you more attractive and appealing. You don’t need to fake your appearance to attract people towards you. When you try to do so, you just hide the real “you”. If you want acceptance from others, accept yourself and stop hiding behind

3. Live life in your own terms:  Follow your dreams, live your life just the way you want to. Do not compromise your big dreams to make a bad relationship work. Love is supposed to lift up your spirit. If it doesn’t, walk straight out of that relationship. Do not try to make a relationship work just because you want to be loved, do it out of true passion. Learn to live your life alone, and live it to the fullest. You can only then be able to value yourself and be confident enough to go for love only for love’s sake, not in search of any security or assurance.

4. Open yourself up:  Be more active and available in the social networking sites like and many more. Make a perfect profile that accurately describes who you are. Then it will be easier for people of similar taste to search and find you. Instead of remaining all introvert and within yourself, be alive and open with new people. Try new ideas, new things and new people in your life.

5. Let the flower bloom:  Once you start seeing someone, or go for one or two dates, take things slowly. Do not rush to it too early. Give each other time to know and explore. Let the spark of love do its magic. Let the two hearts synchronize and pace up with each other. If s/he is the one, the beautiful, fragrant flower of love will itself bless you with its divine grace.

Love is a light that glows at any cost if you have the spark. So, don’t overdo your quest for love. Just live your dreams and love yourself. The confidence it brings will attract your perfect match within no time. Let love sweep you off your feet. Love and be loved.

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