Thursday, August 3, 2017

10 ways to surprise your boyfriend

In a relationship, women are usually the one requires pampering. But does that mean that men don’t have feelings? They never long for attention, or don’t bother to be spoiled sometimes?
Of course they do! Some couple’s relationship lasts longer and stays fresh because they know how to keep things fresh. To maintain a healthy relationship, you must ensure the blockade of boredom in your relationship. Surprising your man once in a while might be a great way to keep your love life fresh and alive. Here are some effective ways to surprise your boyfriend to remind him how much you love him.

1. Serving breakfast in bed:  Who doesn’t love to lie idle and be served? Not on a regular basis, but you can surely surprise your man by bringing the breakfast in bed. A yummy breakfast in bed might just give him a head start for the day and it might turn your relationship from ordinary into extraordinary!

2. Cook for him, and/or pack him a lunchbox:  You can try cooking his favourite dishes to surprise him. Try something new and enjoy the bewilderment in his eyes. You can go further with it and pack him a surprise lunch box.

3. Arrange a romantic bath:  With a little effort, you can arrange a nice, warm and romantic bath for your partner. Turn off the lights, put some candles on. Some rose petals on the tub can be handy. Create an exotic feelings and let him enjoy the warmth of water as well as the warmth of your love after the tiresome. Hectic day of work.

4. Plan a dinner date:  Who says men don’t love treats? They definitely do. Let your man have the privilege to be spoilt for an evening. Make lunch for him, or choose a restaurant he always loves to go to. Bye him his favourite liquor and his cherished dishes. Don’t forget to mention it’s on you.

5. Surprise gifts:  Gifts, however big or small they are, never fail to bring smile on its receiver’s face. Buy him things he always dreamt of having. You can make this more interesting by initiating a treasure hunt. The game will surely increase the chemistry between you two.

6. Leave notes:  Leave a short note on the fridge door which says how much you miss him. An “I love u” note under the pillow on in his shirt’s pocket can also do the magic. These little interesting things will never let your love fade away.

7. Love letter:  I know it is the digital era with the technological advancement and all that, but believe me, love letters are like bombshells in an envelope. Write him a letter and mail it. He will be surely surprised to have such a token of love all of a sudden.

8. Buy him tickets: Surprise him by buying tickets of his favourite soccer match, or concert, or movies, or opera if it suits! You can accompany him or let him have a fun night with his guys.

9. Change the alarm or ringtone:  Change the alarm tone into something cute or sexy to surprise wake-up call. Or, you can change his cell phone’s ringtone for your number and let him be in a bit of shock when he hears it for the first time after you change it.

10. To things you usually don’t do:  There are these things you hate doing, but he loves. Go for them. It will leave him utterly surprised. Act out his fantasies, make his wildest dream come true.

Make these efforts not to make him grateful or obliged, but to let him know how much you love him and how much this relationship means to you. If these help to keep your romance alive, then it is worth working for.

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