Sunday, July 30, 2017

Keep Up with the Trend

Admit it or not, we all want to stay up to date when it comes to fashion trends. The dazzling world of shimmer and glitter is rapidly changing while knocking our socks off. And we are the ones lagging behind. But not anymore! With this quick tricks, you can easily keep up with the glamor world and be the fashionista around your people.

First things first. You must be aware of the latest trends that are ruling. Check the fashion magazines every day to see what's new and what's rejected. Social websites are always posting about latest style and crazes. Use those in your advantage. Websites like MeetTheWorld are completely free and give you an overview of what's happening in the fashion world.

Once you know what's trending, you need to relate yourself to it. DO NOT adapt something if it doesn't suit your personality. Try different things to see what matches you most. Some of the key points you need to consider are:
1. Age
2. Profession
3. Lifestyle
4. Personality etc.
Keep in mind that you must wear things which can carry out these features of yours.

Stop overdoing. If you are wearing something very glittery or royalistic, keep your makeup simple. Always remember to balance out your overall attire. Don't ignore the accessories. They play a big part in your overall look. Create a contrast between your dress and accessories. You can match your accessories between themselves. People will raise eyebrows on your fashion sense if you go all same color or pattern.

Pick up clothing that creates a positive impact on your body. Get a clear picture of your body shape and find out what fits that shape. For example, if you are a bit plump, short sleeves might not be a good option. Whereas going full sleeve in a skinny body makes you appear skinnier. Complement your body figure with your dress. Find out the right colors matching your complexion. Learn about color theories to find out which color complements another one. Choose accessories according to this theory. Look for dresses that fit perfectly. Too tight or too loose dresses can damage your look.

Most important than everything else is your comfort. Choose a fabric that is easy on the skin. Look for your comfort over everything else. If you don't feel okay in what you wear, people will not admit your style. Don't be afraid to keep it simple. Remember simplicity is the key to beauty. Keep it natural. Too much makeup can spoil your avatar.

Develop your personal style. It is a must to stand out in the crowd.  Edna Woolman Chase, editor of the famous fashion magazine Vogue has said, 'Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.' This makes you unique and confident in what you wear.

So wait no more! Bring on the fashion game with these tips and tricks and let us know the results.

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