Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to deal with mistakes

Mistake is a part of human life. Alexander Pope said, “To err is human; to forgive, divine”. In our everyday life, we make a lot of mistakes, both big and small. But some of us seem a bit down once a mistake is made. Many people lose their inspiration to carry on their task in the fear of making mistakes. People get depressed, embrace inactivity rather than mistakes.
But if we just change our approach towards the mistakes we make, the scenery changes. Mistakes don’t remain mistakes anymore, they turn into lessons of life. How? Here are some ways I found useful while dealing with mistakes. Hope all of you will find these useful as well.

1. Identify the mistake: The first and foremost thing to do is to identify your mistake. It is not possible to sort out a remedy to a problem if you are not aware of its existence. In order to sort out a solution, you must admit that a mistake has been made. That is the first step towards correction.

2. Take responsibility: Unlike childish and coward people who always look for a shoulder to blame on, take responsibility of your own action. If it is your flaw, admit it immediately. Take the responsibility on your shoulder first and then search for ways to correct it. Don’t blame on others, grow up!

3. Forgive yourself: Once you made a mistake, you obviously need to apologize to those to who are affected by your mistake. But first of all, forgive yourself. You tried to work things out, but made mistake. That’s ok, chill, breathe out! It’s just a mistake, not the end of the world. Don’t let your guilty conscience take over. Always try to keep your work spirit on top of everything else.

4. Identify the cause of mistake and make correction: Sort out the cause of mistake. Try to find out why you’ve messed things up. Once you identify the exact cause of you mistake, you are already on your way of correcting it. Do what you have to do to mend the mishaps caused by your mistake. Even if it causes a double night shift or a heavy workload, don’t back off. Never give up on your mistakes, stick to it until you can repair the damages.

5. Look for reasons, not excuses: While looking for causes that triggered the mistake, search for reasons. Do not look for excuses to get rid of the blame. Without being biased, be honest to yourself and to the others as well.

6. Ask for help: There is nothing to be ashamed of in taking a little help every now and then. If you have made a mistake and still don’t want to look for an expert opinion to correct it, then it’s most probably your ego who is responsible for your mistake in the first place. Nobody is perfect in this world, not really. And certainly, nobody knows everything. If a second opinion can save the day, don’t hesitate to look for one.

7. Look at it as an opportunity: Your mistakes are your greatest teachers. From our mistakes, we learn the most important lessons of our life. Perfection does not leave room for improvement. It is the mistakes we make that make room for a better job. View it as an opportunity to access to betterment and improvement.

8. Go fearless: It is a common practice of many of us that once we make a mistake, we get afraid of repeating it. When this fear leads o extra caution, that’s alright. But if this fear refrains us from moving on with our life, then we must get rid of this fear and act accordingly. You need to act first to make a mistake. So, your mistake is an evidence of you being an active person. And believe me, it is better to make a mistake than not to make anything at all, that is, to remain idle.

9. Be positive: A mistake has its good sides too. It not only makes room for betterment, but also teaches us plenty of things. We come to realize how our mind deals with the mistakes we make, whether it freaks out or stays calm. We learn to handle things better. We get to know how the society reacts, discover the true friends who support us during our bad times.
Mistakes are human attributes. Our mistakes make us who we are. But we should be kind to ourselves while dealing with our mistakes. We should take the responsibility and work towards correcting it. At the same time, we should look at it as an opportunity to learn lesson and improve ourselves. So, go fearless, lead life, enjoy it, and permit yourself to make mistakes. Live your life to the fullest.

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