Wednesday, July 19, 2017

5 Things to Honor in Friendship

Friends are ones most valuable assets. They are our confidante, our helpline, our guide. One without friends faces a hard time coping with their problems. Friends are our window of relief. But sometimes it's our actions which push away our friends. To save ourselves from those miseries, we are presenting some things that might go unnoticed but have a great impact on friendship.

1. Trust is a must 
The basis of a strong friendship is trust between friends. If you don't trust your friends, you don't have one. Friendship is about share and care. Without trust, there is no sharing between friends. So have faith in your friendship. Make them believe that you rely on them about your personal matters.

2. Categorizing creates conflict 
Human nature is to evaluate others. We often categorize our friends based on their social or financial status. Thus we separate them from ourselves. Friendship is one of the purest relationships. Materialistic differences in a friendship can destroy it altogether. So it is necessary to let them acknowledge that you find them just as your family members. Any sort of grouping or rating demeans friendship. Remember that friends don't help each other cause they have to, they help because they want to. And putting them in a different zone surely turns them off.

3. Criticism should be welcomed 
Friends are nothing but well-wishers of ours. They are not supposed to flatter or butter us despite whatever we do. It is the duty of a true friend to restrain one from going astray. They are to voice their opinion about our actions. If we ask for only their good words rather than their council, then that's not friendship. Rather it's a flatterer in the guise of a friend who will take their fair share of profit from the person. We need to embrace the negative remarks wholeheartedly as they are our stairway to success. And when we've crossed those hurdles, our friends are the ones who would be more than happy for us. Friends are more like mirror and shadow, a mirror doesn't lie and shadow doesn't leave.

4. Do NOT take your friends for granted 
Friends are our jewels. They are precious. True friends are hard to come by. This should always be remembered. Ignoring them for others is something friends can never take lightly. Each of them has their own value and it is sometimes necessary to show it. Taking friends for granted makes them feel valueless. They are to be loved and cared for. And they need to realize it as well as you do. True friends are the siblings God forgot to give you.

5. They listen 
Having family issues? Want advice about a relationship? Just want a movie review? Sad over your ex and want to hang out? Whatever the problem might be, you always rush to your friend. And they are all but open hearted to welcome your sorrows and grieves and make them their own. Have you ever stopped to think how lucky you are to have them? No matter what the situation might be, you can always blurt it out to them. They are always there to offer you comfort and coziness. And surely that is something you should always honor and cherish.

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