Monday, July 31, 2017

5 Hacks for a Healthier Life

We've all grown up hearing 'health is wealth'. But how many of us are actually taking care of our health? With our modern hectic lifestyle, it is evident that we are careless about our health more than ever. Nowadays we either want to look skinny or eat junk. Hardly any of us actually care about whether these food habits are doing us any good. Or is our internet based life giving us any physical benefit? Is it damaging our body? So stop for a moment and check out these life hacks to lead yourself to a healthier and longer life.

1. Eat organic: Researchers have proven that, canned and processed food contains carcinogens, increasing our risk of cancer. Moreover, the high dose of preservatives in these foods takes a toll on our health. And these often lack in nutrition. Whereas organic products provide us minerals and sufficient amount of other food elements. They are also fresh and natural so easy to digest and have a more positive effect on our health.

2. Work-out: Working out is not necessarily about heavy equipment and long schedules. The main theme is keeping your body on the move. Continuously sitting behind the computer or lying all day can lead to obesity. It can also create spinal problems. So the best is to take a break from your regular posture from time to time. If you have a desk job, stand up and walk for 5minutes in every hour. And you must keep in mind that slouching creates backbone problems, often lessening the gaps between vertebrae. So keep your back straight while you sit. Do free hand exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. This way your body will be active and free from many diseases.

3. Maintain a daily routine: Follow a routine. You don't have to follow it hard and fast. But keep a track of your regular works and how much time it takes. Give yourself enough sleep at night and also try to rise early. It is said that an early bird gets the most out of a day. Finish your daily works before 9pm and ensure yourself a good sleep of 6 hours at least.

4. Eat a healthy diet: Appealing it might be, fast foods are really harmful to your health. They are high in calories but low in nutrition. And also they store fat in our body, increases chances to artery blocks. It also gives a rise to cholesterol level. Rather than foods high in fibers give us energy. Find out your body specifications and select your diet chart accordingly. Allot yourself a fine share of every type of food. Don't ignore the carbs in fear of getting fat. You need to remember that our body needs all types of food elements.

5. Take a break: 'All work, no play' can often lead you to live a shorter span of life. You need to take a break from your regular life. Travel to places in weekends. It makes you feel fresh and happy.

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