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10 ways to beat boredom in a relationship

Love is a precious gift from heavens above. This divine attribute makes our life blissful and amazing. Finding out the love of your life is a great fortune. But the sparkle of this fortune seems to be faded away with the passing of time. Our love is supposed to grow stronger as time passes. But in many cases, the scenario is something total opposite. Couples sometimes get bored to each other which results in an end to the relationship.

Why does that happen? After observing the people I know and talking to some couples about this, I had a realization that we forget to love after a certain period of time. Things show up and many couples don’t know how to deal with them, and finally split up instead of working on their relationship. Many of us don’t give it a try because they don’t know how to do it. If you are in a relationship for a reasonably long time and have started feeling like a routine job, then the following tips are probably for you. Hope you’ll find them helpful.

1. Sort out who or what you are bored with: First seek for the source of your boredom. Are you bored of your partner, or your relationship, or yourself? This is a vital diagnosis which will help in the treatment of your relationship.

2. Talk and listen: Open your heart. Talk to your partner and let him/her know what’s troubling you. Sometimes the one sided little compromises result in a burst out. Don’t torture yourself by keeping everything to yourself, this only makes things worse. Ask your partner to open up too.

3. Don’t stop flattering each other: The little flattening words both of you said to each other were like the sweeteners of your relationship. Praise each other, give compliments and thus create a positive vibe. Notice the changes in each other and let your partner know that you noticed it. This is another way to let him/her know that you care.

4. Never stop dating: Have date nights on a regular basis. Try to make things more interesting by doing something new each time. You can take responsibility of a date night alternatively. When it is your turn, don’t just plan a night out, but try new places, new menus etc. if it is at your place, try new dishes or watch a movie apart from your regular watch list. Bring new flavor to the night, try to make it special.

5. Surprise each other: Try to surprise each other. This can be done by buying him/her a gift or doing something you usually don’t do. Plan a surprise get together party and invite his/her friends, make his/her favorite dishes, go for something s/he loves. Let your partner know how much s/he mean to you.

6. Redo old memories: What did you see in your partner that made you fall for him/her? Where did you two meet for the first time? How did you spend the first vacation together? Recall the good times together and try to replicate them. Plan your next date night on the restaurant you two first dated. Together visit the place you two first met. Relive the golden days once again and reignite the sparks one more time.

7. Do new things together: Give time to each other. Try to find mutual interests and do things that both of you like. Read the same book or watch a movie together, go for camping or hiking, go for a vacation, visit places you’ve never been before, bring changes to your everyday routine.

8. Couples’ counseling: If you find it necessary, go for counselling. There is nothing wrong to take an expert’s advice when needed. Go together, listen to the counsellor and at the same time, listen to each other. A expert opinion from a professional adviser might save your relationship.

9. Make your relationship a priority, the top one: When you are in a relationship, you need to fulfill a lot of responsibilities towards a lot of people besides your partner. But while doing so, let your relationship be at the top of the priority list. For doing so, be a little selfish if required.

10. Acknowledge boredom as normal, don’t panic: Being with the same person for a long time might create boredom in a relationship. But that does not mean the end of your love life. Getting bored is not essentially a proof that you two don’t love each other anymore or your relationship has gone stale. A little reigniting might be enough to bring the old spark back.

Relationship is a plant that needs proper care and nurturing to grow up into a tree. Show your care and appreciation towards your partner. Love each other and make ways to express it. Rediscover the love in your heart and let it bring back your relationship on track. Try these tips today.

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