Tuesday, July 25, 2017

10 quick tips to improve your communication skills

Communication skills are proven to be the most important ones for us. In this age of competition, networking and communicating is the key to success. Presenting your skills to a greater group in a way that everyone accepts is a must learn for anybody. Without a marketing strategy, the content is just stuff and the world has enough stuff. So here are some cool tricks to improve your communication and boost up confidence.

1. Speak up: Speaking up for yourself is the first step to communication. Open up to everyone. Let people know how wonderful you are as a person.

2. Trust yourself: Let yourself know that you are easy to talk to. Believe that you can. Studies have shown that people who are confident have a better chance at social networking.

3. Find your favorite topic: Find out the favorite topic of yours. Search your expertise and start a conversation on that topic. A firm knowledge of your subject can bring out the wise version of yours.

4. Accept your faults: If you find yourself wrong in a conversation, don't hesitate to admit it. Quarreling over your faults always create a bad impression and makes you hard for people to talk to.

5. Use the internet: Internet has blessed us with all its capability. Social networks are one of the most useful ones of those. Social websites like Facebook, MeetTheWorld has provided us with a platform to present ourselves to the world. They have introduced virtual real time messaging service which has helped the introverts to come out of their shells.

6. Practice: Practice your conversation skills. Begin with talking to yourself through the mirror. Find out the glitches in your speech. Be bold, be brave. Also be patient to value others. Research shows us that 82.7% of successful public speakers have practiced their speeches on a regular basis.

7. Listen to others: Listen before you speak. If you pay attention to others, they will do the same to you. Try to realize others perspectives. Don't start blabbering before the person has finished.

8. Engage your body language: Make sure that your body expresses the same thing as your voice. Use hand gestures to face and talk. Keep a stern face while expressing strong disapproval. Cross hands and hard face creates a hostile environment. The Rather casual approach creates an amiable weather to start a conversation.

9. Develop your voice: Work on your voice. Use variations in volume level to make it more interesting. Try not to speak meekly. Say your words loud and clear. Work on your pronunciation. Speak slowly so that people can catch up.

10. Improve your vocab: Learn the spoken forms and abbreviations. Work on your grammar. Learn which mistakes are to be ignored in spoken and written forms. Use synonyms to express your thoughts. Use phrases to make your speech stand out.

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