Monday, July 31, 2017

5 Hacks for a Healthier Life

We've all grown up hearing 'health is wealth'. But how many of us are actually taking care of our health? With our modern hectic lifestyle, it is evident that we are careless about our health more than ever. Nowadays we either want to look skinny or eat junk. Hardly any of us actually care about whether these food habits are doing us any good. Or is our internet based life giving us any physical benefit? Is it damaging our body? So stop for a moment and check out these life hacks to lead yourself to a healthier and longer life.

1. Eat organic: Researchers have proven that, canned and processed food contains carcinogens, increasing our risk of cancer. Moreover, the high dose of preservatives in these foods takes a toll on our health. And these often lack in nutrition. Whereas organic products provide us minerals and sufficient amount of other food elements. They are also fresh and natural so easy to digest and have a more positive effect on our health.

2. Work-out: Working out is not necessarily about heavy equipment and long schedules. The main theme is keeping your body on the move. Continuously sitting behind the computer or lying all day can lead to obesity. It can also create spinal problems. So the best is to take a break from your regular posture from time to time. If you have a desk job, stand up and walk for 5minutes in every hour. And you must keep in mind that slouching creates backbone problems, often lessening the gaps between vertebrae. So keep your back straight while you sit. Do free hand exercise for at least 30 minutes per day. This way your body will be active and free from many diseases.

3. Maintain a daily routine: Follow a routine. You don't have to follow it hard and fast. But keep a track of your regular works and how much time it takes. Give yourself enough sleep at night and also try to rise early. It is said that an early bird gets the most out of a day. Finish your daily works before 9pm and ensure yourself a good sleep of 6 hours at least.

4. Eat a healthy diet: Appealing it might be, fast foods are really harmful to your health. They are high in calories but low in nutrition. And also they store fat in our body, increases chances to artery blocks. It also gives a rise to cholesterol level. Rather than foods high in fibers give us energy. Find out your body specifications and select your diet chart accordingly. Allot yourself a fine share of every type of food. Don't ignore the carbs in fear of getting fat. You need to remember that our body needs all types of food elements.

5. Take a break: 'All work, no play' can often lead you to live a shorter span of life. You need to take a break from your regular life. Travel to places in weekends. It makes you feel fresh and happy.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Keep Up with the Trend

Admit it or not, we all want to stay up to date when it comes to fashion trends. The dazzling world of shimmer and glitter is rapidly changing while knocking our socks off. And we are the ones lagging behind. But not anymore! With this quick tricks, you can easily keep up with the glamor world and be the fashionista around your people.

First things first. You must be aware of the latest trends that are ruling. Check the fashion magazines every day to see what's new and what's rejected. Social websites are always posting about latest style and crazes. Use those in your advantage. Websites like MeetTheWorld are completely free and give you an overview of what's happening in the fashion world.

Once you know what's trending, you need to relate yourself to it. DO NOT adapt something if it doesn't suit your personality. Try different things to see what matches you most. Some of the key points you need to consider are:
1. Age
2. Profession
3. Lifestyle
4. Personality etc.
Keep in mind that you must wear things which can carry out these features of yours.

Stop overdoing. If you are wearing something very glittery or royalistic, keep your makeup simple. Always remember to balance out your overall attire. Don't ignore the accessories. They play a big part in your overall look. Create a contrast between your dress and accessories. You can match your accessories between themselves. People will raise eyebrows on your fashion sense if you go all same color or pattern.

Pick up clothing that creates a positive impact on your body. Get a clear picture of your body shape and find out what fits that shape. For example, if you are a bit plump, short sleeves might not be a good option. Whereas going full sleeve in a skinny body makes you appear skinnier. Complement your body figure with your dress. Find out the right colors matching your complexion. Learn about color theories to find out which color complements another one. Choose accessories according to this theory. Look for dresses that fit perfectly. Too tight or too loose dresses can damage your look.

Most important than everything else is your comfort. Choose a fabric that is easy on the skin. Look for your comfort over everything else. If you don't feel okay in what you wear, people will not admit your style. Don't be afraid to keep it simple. Remember simplicity is the key to beauty. Keep it natural. Too much makeup can spoil your avatar.

Develop your personal style. It is a must to stand out in the crowd.  Edna Woolman Chase, editor of the famous fashion magazine Vogue has said, 'Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.' This makes you unique and confident in what you wear.

So wait no more! Bring on the fashion game with these tips and tricks and let us know the results.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

10 ways to beat boredom in a relationship

Love is a precious gift from heavens above. This divine attribute makes our life blissful and amazing. Finding out the love of your life is a great fortune. But the sparkle of this fortune seems to be faded away with the passing of time. Our love is supposed to grow stronger as time passes. But in many cases, the scenario is something total opposite. Couples sometimes get bored to each other which results in an end to the relationship.

Why does that happen? After observing the people I know and talking to some couples about this, I had a realization that we forget to love after a certain period of time. Things show up and many couples don’t know how to deal with them, and finally split up instead of working on their relationship. Many of us don’t give it a try because they don’t know how to do it. If you are in a relationship for a reasonably long time and have started feeling like a routine job, then the following tips are probably for you. Hope you’ll find them helpful.

1. Sort out who or what you are bored with: First seek for the source of your boredom. Are you bored of your partner, or your relationship, or yourself? This is a vital diagnosis which will help in the treatment of your relationship.

2. Talk and listen: Open your heart. Talk to your partner and let him/her know what’s troubling you. Sometimes the one sided little compromises result in a burst out. Don’t torture yourself by keeping everything to yourself, this only makes things worse. Ask your partner to open up too.

3. Don’t stop flattering each other: The little flattening words both of you said to each other were like the sweeteners of your relationship. Praise each other, give compliments and thus create a positive vibe. Notice the changes in each other and let your partner know that you noticed it. This is another way to let him/her know that you care.

4. Never stop dating: Have date nights on a regular basis. Try to make things more interesting by doing something new each time. You can take responsibility of a date night alternatively. When it is your turn, don’t just plan a night out, but try new places, new menus etc. if it is at your place, try new dishes or watch a movie apart from your regular watch list. Bring new flavor to the night, try to make it special.

5. Surprise each other: Try to surprise each other. This can be done by buying him/her a gift or doing something you usually don’t do. Plan a surprise get together party and invite his/her friends, make his/her favorite dishes, go for something s/he loves. Let your partner know how much s/he mean to you.

6. Redo old memories: What did you see in your partner that made you fall for him/her? Where did you two meet for the first time? How did you spend the first vacation together? Recall the good times together and try to replicate them. Plan your next date night on the restaurant you two first dated. Together visit the place you two first met. Relive the golden days once again and reignite the sparks one more time.

7. Do new things together: Give time to each other. Try to find mutual interests and do things that both of you like. Read the same book or watch a movie together, go for camping or hiking, go for a vacation, visit places you’ve never been before, bring changes to your everyday routine.

8. Couples’ counseling: If you find it necessary, go for counselling. There is nothing wrong to take an expert’s advice when needed. Go together, listen to the counsellor and at the same time, listen to each other. A expert opinion from a professional adviser might save your relationship.

9. Make your relationship a priority, the top one: When you are in a relationship, you need to fulfill a lot of responsibilities towards a lot of people besides your partner. But while doing so, let your relationship be at the top of the priority list. For doing so, be a little selfish if required.

10. Acknowledge boredom as normal, don’t panic: Being with the same person for a long time might create boredom in a relationship. But that does not mean the end of your love life. Getting bored is not essentially a proof that you two don’t love each other anymore or your relationship has gone stale. A little reigniting might be enough to bring the old spark back.

Relationship is a plant that needs proper care and nurturing to grow up into a tree. Show your care and appreciation towards your partner. Love each other and make ways to express it. Rediscover the love in your heart and let it bring back your relationship on track. Try these tips today.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to deal with mistakes

Mistake is a part of human life. Alexander Pope said, “To err is human; to forgive, divine”. In our everyday life, we make a lot of mistakes, both big and small. But some of us seem a bit down once a mistake is made. Many people lose their inspiration to carry on their task in the fear of making mistakes. People get depressed, embrace inactivity rather than mistakes.
But if we just change our approach towards the mistakes we make, the scenery changes. Mistakes don’t remain mistakes anymore, they turn into lessons of life. How? Here are some ways I found useful while dealing with mistakes. Hope all of you will find these useful as well.

1. Identify the mistake: The first and foremost thing to do is to identify your mistake. It is not possible to sort out a remedy to a problem if you are not aware of its existence. In order to sort out a solution, you must admit that a mistake has been made. That is the first step towards correction.

2. Take responsibility: Unlike childish and coward people who always look for a shoulder to blame on, take responsibility of your own action. If it is your flaw, admit it immediately. Take the responsibility on your shoulder first and then search for ways to correct it. Don’t blame on others, grow up!

3. Forgive yourself: Once you made a mistake, you obviously need to apologize to those to who are affected by your mistake. But first of all, forgive yourself. You tried to work things out, but made mistake. That’s ok, chill, breathe out! It’s just a mistake, not the end of the world. Don’t let your guilty conscience take over. Always try to keep your work spirit on top of everything else.

4. Identify the cause of mistake and make correction: Sort out the cause of mistake. Try to find out why you’ve messed things up. Once you identify the exact cause of you mistake, you are already on your way of correcting it. Do what you have to do to mend the mishaps caused by your mistake. Even if it causes a double night shift or a heavy workload, don’t back off. Never give up on your mistakes, stick to it until you can repair the damages.

5. Look for reasons, not excuses: While looking for causes that triggered the mistake, search for reasons. Do not look for excuses to get rid of the blame. Without being biased, be honest to yourself and to the others as well.

6. Ask for help: There is nothing to be ashamed of in taking a little help every now and then. If you have made a mistake and still don’t want to look for an expert opinion to correct it, then it’s most probably your ego who is responsible for your mistake in the first place. Nobody is perfect in this world, not really. And certainly, nobody knows everything. If a second opinion can save the day, don’t hesitate to look for one.

7. Look at it as an opportunity: Your mistakes are your greatest teachers. From our mistakes, we learn the most important lessons of our life. Perfection does not leave room for improvement. It is the mistakes we make that make room for a better job. View it as an opportunity to access to betterment and improvement.

8. Go fearless: It is a common practice of many of us that once we make a mistake, we get afraid of repeating it. When this fear leads o extra caution, that’s alright. But if this fear refrains us from moving on with our life, then we must get rid of this fear and act accordingly. You need to act first to make a mistake. So, your mistake is an evidence of you being an active person. And believe me, it is better to make a mistake than not to make anything at all, that is, to remain idle.

9. Be positive: A mistake has its good sides too. It not only makes room for betterment, but also teaches us plenty of things. We come to realize how our mind deals with the mistakes we make, whether it freaks out or stays calm. We learn to handle things better. We get to know how the society reacts, discover the true friends who support us during our bad times.
Mistakes are human attributes. Our mistakes make us who we are. But we should be kind to ourselves while dealing with our mistakes. We should take the responsibility and work towards correcting it. At the same time, we should look at it as an opportunity to learn lesson and improve ourselves. So, go fearless, lead life, enjoy it, and permit yourself to make mistakes. Live your life to the fullest.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

10 quick tips to improve your communication skills

Communication skills are proven to be the most important ones for us. In this age of competition, networking and communicating is the key to success. Presenting your skills to a greater group in a way that everyone accepts is a must learn for anybody. Without a marketing strategy, the content is just stuff and the world has enough stuff. So here are some cool tricks to improve your communication and boost up confidence.

1. Speak up: Speaking up for yourself is the first step to communication. Open up to everyone. Let people know how wonderful you are as a person.

2. Trust yourself: Let yourself know that you are easy to talk to. Believe that you can. Studies have shown that people who are confident have a better chance at social networking.

3. Find your favorite topic: Find out the favorite topic of yours. Search your expertise and start a conversation on that topic. A firm knowledge of your subject can bring out the wise version of yours.

4. Accept your faults: If you find yourself wrong in a conversation, don't hesitate to admit it. Quarreling over your faults always create a bad impression and makes you hard for people to talk to.

5. Use the internet: Internet has blessed us with all its capability. Social networks are one of the most useful ones of those. Social websites like Facebook, MeetTheWorld has provided us with a platform to present ourselves to the world. They have introduced virtual real time messaging service which has helped the introverts to come out of their shells.

6. Practice: Practice your conversation skills. Begin with talking to yourself through the mirror. Find out the glitches in your speech. Be bold, be brave. Also be patient to value others. Research shows us that 82.7% of successful public speakers have practiced their speeches on a regular basis.

7. Listen to others: Listen before you speak. If you pay attention to others, they will do the same to you. Try to realize others perspectives. Don't start blabbering before the person has finished.

8. Engage your body language: Make sure that your body expresses the same thing as your voice. Use hand gestures to face and talk. Keep a stern face while expressing strong disapproval. Cross hands and hard face creates a hostile environment. The Rather casual approach creates an amiable weather to start a conversation.

9. Develop your voice: Work on your voice. Use variations in volume level to make it more interesting. Try not to speak meekly. Say your words loud and clear. Work on your pronunciation. Speak slowly so that people can catch up.

10. Improve your vocab: Learn the spoken forms and abbreviations. Work on your grammar. Learn which mistakes are to be ignored in spoken and written forms. Use synonyms to express your thoughts. Use phrases to make your speech stand out.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Advantages of Social Networking

A social network is a great mode of entertainment. Social networking is the most popular and trendy practice nowadays. It gives us immense pleasure and much more. Cynical people might shrug and wonder “what more?” Well, social networking really do provide more than just mere entertainment. Here are some of the benefits of social networking.

1. Connects to people worldwide:
Through social networking sites, it is now way too easy to find out people wherever they might be. From high school buddy to childhood penpal, social sites has brought everyone nearer to us. Besides facebook, twitter and other popular sites, new sites like and others are also emerging, providing exciting new features for their users.

2. Easy and instant communication:
Days for waiting for the postman are over. Now communication is faster and smarter. People you wanna stay in touch with are now just one click away. The social sites are very much supportive and user friendly. They ensure an easy access for everyone, including people with zero language skills. People with poor technological skill can also step to this virtual social world and meet their desired people.

3. Discovering people with similar interests:
The social sites provides you the opportunity to choose and find out people with similar interests. You can easily find out and join group of people sharing same fields of interest as yourself. This is a great way for academics and scholars to find out people with similar thoughts and share ideas with them.

4. Wider and more effective information sharing:
Sharing of information has reached a whole new level with the advent of the social networking sites. Many of the social sites provide features of instant messaging and group chatting. This is a great opportunity for teachers to share a lecture virtually with the students, or a manager to share ideas and plans with the team members. This can reach a larger number of people and hence make a presentation more interactive.

5. Opportunity of advertising:
A social site can work as a tool of publicity. This can be a great opportunity for business owners to advertise their products. They can easily share the news of the arrival of their new produces or exciting offers for different occasions. Besides, topics arising public awareness can also be shared and spread through social networking sites.

6. News runs faster than ever:
Through a social site, a news can go viral within the shortest span of time. With the active participation of the users of a social site, a news reaches the most remote corner of the world within no time.

7. Helps To Catch And Convict Criminals:
As mentioned above, a social site can spread news faster than the wind. So, a social network can act as a tool to catch and bring a criminal to justice. Not only social sites can help to find out the criminals, but also can help to convict them with the active cooperation of the users of the network.

A social site can be a mere time pass, and it can be many more things. The output solely depends on the users. We can use it as a toy or turn it into a tool. Let’s make this world a better one using the social sites.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Love or Just Friendship?

S/he loves me, s/he doesn’t- how long are you going to wonder what the other person is actually thinking? This is a common dilemma for many of us. We start a friendly relationship, and later fall for that person. That’s where the real confusion starts. We keep wondering, “Should I tell him/her?” “What would s/he think?” “What if s/he doesn’t like me that way?” “Will this ruin our friendship?” Or, you already are in a relationship, but not sure how much your partner is in it. Well, here are some signs through which you might guess how s/he feels about you. Obviously there is no full proof, guaranteed measure-stick to measure someone’s feelings for you, but exploring these signs in your partner is an assuring matter for your relationship. Let’s get going!

1. S/he trusts you
Trust is the most important aspect in any relationship. If someone is mentally attached to you, s/he will definitely have complete faith in you. The trust issue here is kind of vice versa. The way you trust your partner, s/he is supposed to have the same faith in you. Otherwise the relationship is not going to be effective. If you are not confident about your partner, or s/he is not confident about you, then it is time to work on that issue.

2. You have his/her respect
The person who is compassionate about you will obviously respect you. Watch how s/he behaves both in public and private. Try to find out how s/he describes you to others, notice how s/he introduces to anyone. Try to understand what s/he thinks about you, not as a partner, but as an individual human being.

3. You are his/her priority, not an option
Does s/he give you adequate importance? This tells a lot about a person’s feelings for you. How much important do you think you are in his/her life? Try to sort these things out. If you are an option for him/her, then it is an ordinary friendship you both are sharing, and nothing else. But if s/he keeps you on top of the priority list, then there is a very good chance that you two are going to end up as a couple.

4. S/he loves spending time with you
The time you two spend together, how much does s/he value it? Is it a mere hangout, or a special memory to remember? Does s/he compromise other work to make time for you? If yes, then it is a positive sign and you might go ahead and tell him/her how you feel.

5. Asks regularly how your day was
A person with feelings for you will always enquire about your day to day happenings. If the person only blabbers about his/her own problems, you should think twice before taking the next step. Asking how your day was is not always a sign of love, but most definitely is a sign of care.

6. S/he wants to be more involved in your life
How much involvement does that person have in your life? Does s/he take interest to visit people of your acquaintance, like your family and friends? If yes, then it is a good sign for going further with this relationship.

7. Asks your opinion before giving any decision
Asking your opinion before taking any decision is a proof that this person finds you dependable and reliable. Also, s/he values your opinion. Apart from giving surprises, it is important in a relationship that both the partners values each other’s opinions and respects them.

8. Defends you
How does this person react in a situation where you are mocked at or made fun of? Does s/he try to defend or protect you, or join the party? If the person defends you, s/he is passionate and protective about you. This might the right person to move forward with.

9. Makes you feel special
A person who loves you will always try to make you feel special. S/he will sort out the best in you. S/he will tell you how nice, beautiful or smart you are and how much s/he appreciate you for who you are. Otherwise, s/he does not find you special, and you need to move on.

10. Notices things in you
When we love someone, trivial changes in that person does not go unnoticed. See if s/he notices the change in you. A new haircut, change in clothing or a sudden mood swing, anything that an ordinary friend might not notice or bother to enquire.

11. Misses you when you are not around
This is an effective way to understand how someone feels about you or to measure the depth of his/her feelings. How does s/he act when you are not around? Does s/he miss you? Does s/he send mails or texts you? Does s/he try to make contact to you by any means? If so, there is obviously something in his/her mind worth looking for.

12. Never gives up on you
We never give up on our loved ones if the feelings and passion towards each other is true. Difficult situations are the truest tests for a relationship. If two souls are true to each other, they’ll be beside each other no matter what.

Love is a very delicate feelings which needs nurturing every now and then. If someone really loves you, s/he will surely fail to hide it forever. One day or another, the flame of love will come out. Find out positive signs and star

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

How to Build Trust in Relationship

“Mistrust” this can be enough to break any relation. By born children are trusting. But if they are repeatedly betrayed by the people around them they begin losing the natural trust. It can leave an imprint in their mind and they may carry it forward into their adulthood. And many times people take this fractured trust into their relationships.  This lack of trust is not always a pre-existing condition. It can be created in the relationship too, if one partner is not living true to their promises.

There can be many other causes of mistrust in relationships even addiction and money issues. For example if your partner is not transparent about their financial situation then mistrust can set in. So there can be a thousands of reason how and why mistrust can set in any relationship. But here we are aiming to discuss some tricks how you can build trust in your relationship and save it.

Trick 1: Don’t keep secret
If you are planning for a trusting relationship, also make a plan not to keep secrets and to be open with your partner. Because trust needs openness. Secrets harms relationships extremely fast. So it is very important to be honest and upfront about issues that arise individually or together. If you can’t adopt this quality, just think that all the secrets will eventually come out. And mind that, keeping secret requires energy to keep it. So you are also overburdening yourself when you are keeping secrets and that’s going to be clear to your partner very soon.

Trick 2: Better Communication
Miscommunication or less communication both can affect your relation negatively. So spend more time on communicating about your problems instead of sitting on them. Because communication is one of the most important factors in building trust between partners. When it comes to communication, try to do it face to face. Make it direct and more personal instead of mails and phone calls. Don’t hold back when faced with relationship issues. If you want a trusty relationship, always keep the doors of communication open.

Trick 3: Say “no” when it is needed
It is not necessary always to say “Yes” to make a good relation. Simply say no if you don’t like what your partner is proposing. When both of you are clear to each other, and will know each other’s likings and disliking it will be easy for both of you to move forward. Otherwise always compromising with your partner can make the relationship as a nightmare and can turn it to breakup.

Trick 4: Have some empathy for your partner
To make trust in relationship “Empathy” is very important. Empathy is not same as sympathy. Empathy means to look at the situation from your partner’s shoe. To make a successful relationship it is important to approach issues from the perspective and understanding. It will be possible for you to build the emotional connections when you can empathize with your partner and that will lead to increase trust in the relationship. So have some empathy and try to understand where your partner is coming from.

Trick 5: Be patient when the boundaries of the relationship is tested
In every relationship there comes some ups and downs. And that is really natural. So be patient when your relationship is also going through so tests. Moreover without going through all those rocky terrains, it is not possible to see how much strong the relationship can sustain before you reach your breaking point.

Finally, where there is no trust there is no relation at all. So it is really crucial in building trust in relationship. When you don’t believe that your partner has your best interests at heart, a lack of trust will creep into the relationship soon.  Then you may feel that, your partner don’t have the same feelings for you and someday may abandon you or betray you.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

5 Things to Honor in Friendship

Friends are ones most valuable assets. They are our confidante, our helpline, our guide. One without friends faces a hard time coping with their problems. Friends are our window of relief. But sometimes it's our actions which push away our friends. To save ourselves from those miseries, we are presenting some things that might go unnoticed but have a great impact on friendship.

1. Trust is a must 
The basis of a strong friendship is trust between friends. If you don't trust your friends, you don't have one. Friendship is about share and care. Without trust, there is no sharing between friends. So have faith in your friendship. Make them believe that you rely on them about your personal matters.

2. Categorizing creates conflict 
Human nature is to evaluate others. We often categorize our friends based on their social or financial status. Thus we separate them from ourselves. Friendship is one of the purest relationships. Materialistic differences in a friendship can destroy it altogether. So it is necessary to let them acknowledge that you find them just as your family members. Any sort of grouping or rating demeans friendship. Remember that friends don't help each other cause they have to, they help because they want to. And putting them in a different zone surely turns them off.

3. Criticism should be welcomed 
Friends are nothing but well-wishers of ours. They are not supposed to flatter or butter us despite whatever we do. It is the duty of a true friend to restrain one from going astray. They are to voice their opinion about our actions. If we ask for only their good words rather than their council, then that's not friendship. Rather it's a flatterer in the guise of a friend who will take their fair share of profit from the person. We need to embrace the negative remarks wholeheartedly as they are our stairway to success. And when we've crossed those hurdles, our friends are the ones who would be more than happy for us. Friends are more like mirror and shadow, a mirror doesn't lie and shadow doesn't leave.

4. Do NOT take your friends for granted 
Friends are our jewels. They are precious. True friends are hard to come by. This should always be remembered. Ignoring them for others is something friends can never take lightly. Each of them has their own value and it is sometimes necessary to show it. Taking friends for granted makes them feel valueless. They are to be loved and cared for. And they need to realize it as well as you do. True friends are the siblings God forgot to give you.

5. They listen 
Having family issues? Want advice about a relationship? Just want a movie review? Sad over your ex and want to hang out? Whatever the problem might be, you always rush to your friend. And they are all but open hearted to welcome your sorrows and grieves and make them their own. Have you ever stopped to think how lucky you are to have them? No matter what the situation might be, you can always blurt it out to them. They are always there to offer you comfort and coziness. And surely that is something you should always honor and cherish.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Top 7 Tips for Healthy Travel

Travelling for any reason is a lot of fun. But this fun can easily derail your health and fitness regime. With a little research, a bit of prioritization and some smart packing you can make the next trip the healthiest in your life. Let’s know the top 7 tips that will save you from falling into the trap of high calorie and little exercise.

1. Give attention on your food 
Naturally in different place of the world food and food habit is different. So if you have the preparation prior to your trip, it will be easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle even in travel. How? Research and investigate about it before your trip. Try to find a nearby healthy food store or well rated restaurant or at least grocery store that offers some healthy choices. If possible try to stay somewhere with cooking facilities. And most important is that, knowing the land gives you an advantage as you’ll have an easier time finding healthy options for eating in and out.

2. Take Healthy Breakfast and Lunch
Self-help is the best help. So if you can make some of your meals that is best. Because then you can exert control over your food choices that can help you stay on track while on vacation. You can even make your meal with some healthy packaged options. Don’t be angry with us for saying so. Obviously you should checkout some new restaurants or some exciting and exotic new foods, just don’t eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner for your entire trip to maintain your waistline and your wallet as well.

3. Pack Meals and Snacks
We are focusing mostly on food because that is the point where we break the rules most. If possible avoid unhealthy, greasy and processed food by packing your own meals and snacks. When you are taking foods from home, you know very well what are you eating and moreover that prevents you from spending money on food that is not even good in taste. But as there are many restrictions about bringing fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products in many countries so check out the rules to avoid hassle in airport. And also make sure you declare any food products upon arrival.

4. Drink a Plenty of Water
Drinking a plenty of water prevents us from consuming too much and it is the key to feeling your best. So if you are somewhere more humid and hotter than your usual climate, or doing exercise make sure to take in extra water. Pack an empty water bottle while flying that you can fill up once you’ve passed through security and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

5. Adequate Sleep
If you think as you are on travel, so you’ll just work or play that is totally an unhealthy practice. Both in transit and in your destination try to sleep at least 7 or 8 hours every night. Sometimes you are really busy, but if you make it a priority, you can achieve your sleep goal properly. Adequate sleep helps your immune system stay strong and promotes recovery. So don’t forget to prioritize accordingly!

6. Take the Advantage of Local Fitness
This activity can give you more than fitness. There are some GYMs in many countries they have the promotions for the new comers of town. You may join there and can meet new people. It can be an authentic way to connect with those in your temporary community and feel a part of something while in transit. Or you can also find some exciting healthy activities like cycling, surfing or doing some more yoga in a nearby yoga studio.

7. Walk Everyday
This tip is the most easiest and most favorite of the real explorers. This is the great way to find hidden gems that aren’t in the travel guides. So grab a map, get lost, get found and take in the sights, smells and sounds where you are. But consider your safety also.

You can find many more tips for healthy travel. But these 7 are the basic. So if you just follow these tips in your travel you’ll found every single one as the healthiest and will enjoy the every single one more than before. Because you’ll be fit always.

Let us know whether this writing was helpful or not. For more love relating topics like this, stay connected to and explore new horizons of possibilities.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Travel more, worry less

Traveling is exciting. It works as a break from our monotonous life. With our hectic and stressful schedule, we find it hard to keep up with the pace. Tours to different places refresh our mind and boost our enthusiasm. But nowadays traveling has become a matter of worry itself. Before any trip, we need to think, plan and arrange for so many days that the trip fails to fulfill its basic need- walk away from stress. So here go a few tips to help you travel without any worries.

First of all, make a rough plan. Don't stress yourself with the details. Make an outline about the spots you want to cover where you're going and plan your trip duration accordingly. This will save time and also help you travel in an organized way.

Another way to have a fun tour is to find a friend at that place. Having a friend as a tour guide helps you discover everything around in a more cordial approach. And also you don't need to get hyper about the safety and security issues. With our technological progress, it is very easy to make friends in other places. Social websites are really useful in this field. And MeetTheWorld gives you just the opportunity to expand your circle outside your regular people.

Always remember- when in Rome, do as the Romans. Mix yourself with the commoners. Adapt their lifestyle, follow their customs and you will make the best out of any trip. Just visiting some regular spot won't be as delighting as would be visiting with a local. If you manage to blend in, they will embrace you wholeheartedly and you will find the whole environment much friendlier and more beautiful.

Try to find comfort in a cost-effective way. It is not always necessary to aim for the most costly hotels or fancy restaurants. Mid-range hotels and roadside restaurants can also provide good enough service. And that will also cut less from your pocket. MeetTheWorld also provides some forums which are open for discussion where you can ask about moderate service on a low budget.

One more thing to must remember when you're traveling alone, always use the public transportation. Arranging a private transport for yourself might not be a good idea especially when you're roaming in places you don't know. Public transports are rather safe. And we must not forget their ability to cut the cost also. So it would definitely be a win-win from both ways.

Last but not the least, don't try to stick to your original plan no matter what happens. Always be prepared for the possibilities of change. Alternations are bound to happen. Stop rushing to see everything. Rather enjoy the place where you are going to be. Go with the flow and you will find the best experience wherever you might go.

Let us know whether this writing was helpful or not. For more love relating topics like this, stay connected to and explore new horizons of possibilities.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

9 ways to cheer up your girlfriend

Life is not always a smooth journey. Every now and then, we face ups and downs throughout our life. And when we are low, it makes crucial impact on our relationships, especially love affairs. Not everyone out here can mend a sobbing soul. If you are a man, and your girlfriend seems sad and blue, you need to act real fast. Girls are by default sensitive and sentimental, and believe me, you don’t want to hurt her feelings when she is already sad.

You can boost up your relationship by being the shoulder she needs to cry on during her tough time. Though people’s choice vary, some common ways can be followed to cheer your girlfriend up. It needs nothing but your patience and empathy. Wanna know more? Let’s dig it through!

1. Try to figure out the problem:   Before everything else, try to figure out what is wrong. If you don’t get it, ask her gently. Let her speak up her mind. Sometimes all we need is to open up to someone. Listen to her carefully. If she doesn’t want to talk about it, don’t push too hard. Respect her feelings and let her be. Just let her know that you are always there whenever she needs. Make sure she doesn’t feel left alone.

2. Offer assistance:   Ask her if there’s anything you can do to sort out her problems. If you can, help her out. Some girls want to deal with their problems, some expect cooperation from their partner. Try and understand what your girlfriend expects and act accordingly.

3. Show empathy, not sympathy:   Many of us don’t even know the difference between sympathy and empathy. In simple words, don’t tell her that you are sorry etc. etc. This might make her feel even worse. Instead, tell her you understand how she feels. Knowing that there’s someone who is in her shoes and knows how it actually feels will make her feel better.

4. Be intimate, not flirty:   Be physically close to her. Give her a tight hug, tap her back, rub her hear, your tender touches will make her feel better. Cuddle up with her and hold her close to your heart. Try to make her relaxed. But try to hit on her. Her hard times are not your chance to get physical. That’s just not right.

5. Try to distract her:   Try to divert her mind from the issue that is bothering her. Try watching a girly movie with her, or take a walk, or go for an outing. Talk her out of it. But don’t try to change the topic too quickly. Give her time to settle herself up. Be patient. A wounded heart is a real sensitive one and you don’t want to mess it up.

6. Make her laugh:   Sometimes a big laughter helps to break the ice. You can try cracking jokes or watching funny videos on youtube together. This might be the best time to share the most embarrassing memory of yours with her, or make her laugh with the real-life stories of your or your acquaintances’ life.

7. Try to elevate her mood:   Do things she likes to elevate her mood. Give her a surprise gift. Help her in household chores like doing dishes and laundries. Make her a nice meal. Do things that you normally wouldn’t do with her. Invite her best friends if you think it will be helpful.

8. Make her feel special:   Tell her how beautiful she is, and passionately you are in love with her. Send her texts, leave notes for her, buy her some flowers and candies. Go for a dinner date to some place nice. Show her how much you care for her and how insistent you are to make things better for her. Show your efforts, but don’t force her to smile.

9. Be positive:   Whatever you do, never agree to give up. When she is low, be the confident and strong one to hold it together. Instead of losing all hope together, drag her out of the pessimistic thoughts and try to bring up some positive vibe.
Be her guide during the darkest hours, her strength when she’s down and low. Your love can be the healing potion for her aching soul. Be there when she needs. Be each other’s source of reliance and shelter. That’s what love is all about, isn’t it?

Let us know whether this writing was helpful or not. For more love relating topics like this, stay connected to and explore new horizons of possibilities.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

5 mistakes that are damaging your relationship

Relationships are based on trust, respect, friendship and obviously the key ingredient- love. But even with these, not every relationship works. That is because some simple but harmful mistakes people do. These mistakes take a toll on their relationship and often end the beautiful journey. Today I'm bringing 5 of these mistakes and suggestions to overcome those to make your relationship last long. These tips come from experienced couples who've managed to maintain a healthy and lovely relationship even at their 90's.

1. Not expressing your feelings 
This is the most common mistake people do once they get committed. Whether you're together for a month or 10 years, reminding the other about how you feel about them is always a good thing. Even a simple 'good night' or 'I miss you' text can bring immense joy to your better half. Always remember, love can be seen in the small things and gestures.

2. Expecting the other one to take the first step 
It's not necessary for the other one to break the ice, right? Being the first one taking attempt to solve a feud is something that is always appreciated. And it is one good way to show that you care about your partner more than your ego. A Little bit of compromise, a little bit of sacrifice- this is what makes a relationship last a long run.

3. Not having your problems sorted out
Studies show that 76% of the couples who've succeeded in having a long term relationship has never ended their day with problems between themselves. Whatever the situation may be, they always try to talk themselves out of their problems before going to bed.

4. Lack of personal space 
No matter how deep you're in love, at the end of the day, you are two individuals leading two separate lives. Couples who don't have their individual space often end up parting ways. Always interfering in one another's life can be irritating and leads to quarrels. Let everyone deal with their problems themselves. Trust your significant other to share their problems when they're ready. Forcing them to tell every detail might not be a good idea.

5. Thinking yourself not worthy of love and respect 
Putting others before yourself is something that destroys you as a person, consequently damaging your relationship. Love yourself before you can love others. We often make this mistake of sacrificing our happiness for the sake of others. But we can't make others happy by keeping ourselves constantly unhappy. Not respecting yourself can lead to unhealthy relationships. So find the limits of sacrifice.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Top 5 Tips to Make New Friends

Those who have many friends are enjoying their life from every aspect. But every human mind is different. So their needs, problems and happiness is also very different in nature. For some people it is very hard to find new friends and to make friendship. This article is specially to help them.

1. Give a positive vibe
You may have many friends. Some friends are good for travelling or laughing with and some are just like you. They may have the same hobby like you or same liking and disliking like you. But sometimes you may need someone when you want to pour your heart out. Who will not laugh at you, will support you, will not hurt you or bully you. You may be very busy and have less time to make friends or may feel shy in front of others. But just consider these things and get new friends.
• If someone is friendly with you, be friendly too.
• Smiling is a very good practice.
• Though it’s scary to meet new people but it will make you confident.
• Remember, it may take time to make new friends.
• You can always try for next time, so don’t be hard to yourself if you are freeze up.

2. Sharing things can work
Sharing things shows that you have a big heart and you are generous to others. And most of the times it’s a great way to start a new friendship at least conversation. What to share?
• You can share a photo, a song or a video that you like.
• Even sharing a useful mobile app or game is also wonderful.
• You can take your favorite food or even sweets to share in break time.
• Find people who have similar hobbies and interest like you. You can use social media like Facebook or MeetTheWorld for this purpose.

3. Body Language is best
You can lie or even be silent but your body language is something that speaks a lot. So what our bodies do while we talk is also very important. Never ignore that when you are talking to new people and looking for new friends.
• Smile, smile and smile. It is really very powerful.
• Speak confidently and clearly.
• Don’t cover your mouth with your hands when you are talking.
• Make eye contact while you are speaking.

4. Do something new
Whenever we are doing the same thing always it is difficult to find out new friends. So if there is an opportunity we can try something new.
• You may join in a new club inside and outside of your school.
• You can do some voluntary work.
• At least you can change the regular route of your going to work and coming back to home.
That can help you to meet new people that may open the door of new friendship.

5. Giving complement
You really love when you listen something good about you. Same as others. It is really a great way to start a new friendship by saying nice things about others. That creates a positive vibe. You can give complement on others:
• Hairstyle
• Shoes
• The way they laugh
• Their skill on a certain sport like chess or hockey
• Their sense of humor
• The fact that they’re good at a certain subject at school.

Finally, people always love good listeners. A good listener impresses others a lot. And moreover if you are a good listeners you can understand others more than anyone else and make the right decision of making good friends. Make friends. Be happy.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

5 Best Tips for Your First Date.

Sometimes dating is harder than it should be. After countless dinners and drinks, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and resign to nights of forever watching Movies alone in your bed. But when dating is done right, it can be amazing, and often those great dates lead to great relationships. So don’t hesitate for your first date rather make sure there's a second one.

1.  Keep your eyes open everywhere
You may meet the love of your life while sipping soft or hard drinks, but necessarily that is not the only place. You never know where you're going to meet the next person you date, so if you're only looking in one spot (like that bar where you're a regular) then you're missing out on tons of possible partners. We know so many couples who have met while standing in line at the grocery store, a Target parking lot, even a Bus stop. Love can crop up anywhere, so get out there and keep your eyes open.

2.  Take the help of your Friend
None can understand or love you just like your friends. Right? You can share each and everything with your friend. So why not you give her the role to play as a matchmaker?  But don’t forget to lay down some rules. Make it clear that the date goes just like it should be. Keep in mind that sometimes chemistry is there, and sometimes it isn't. So believe that it's no one’s fault if this goes horribly wrong. (But if it goes totally right, you should probably buy her a drink).

3.  Consider your friend
Generally we believe that Friendship is the key for any relationship. Sometimes the term “Friend” should be totally or partially forgotten because your friend can also make the best dates. Consider it: As you are friends, you may cherish the similar values, you know each other very well even you may know the family background of each other. That may be the best reason of great comfort for both of you. So that can be the way, friendship may turn onto a new relationship.

4.  Choosing the right dating site
Now a days, internet has brought the whole world in our grip. There are many sites that gives the opportunity to meet new people. You can meet new people in Facebook, Meet the world or Twitter. And in Meet the world you can meet new people of same interest. They have a quick search option that aims to find new people really quick. And it’s just amazing. It can also help you to find the love of your life. Think about what it is you want out of an online dating experience—A hookup? A boyfriend? A marriage?—then choose the site that matches your interests, so you're not just wasting your time online.

5.  First impression lasts long
Definitely you should focus on making the first few moments count. But be in yourself. And don’t forget to check in with yourself, too! You might be so focused on making a flawless first impression that you forget to ask yourself if you’re even into the other person. Specialists say, It takes only 12 minutes for you to decide if you're interested in the other person (and for them to decide if they dig you) so bring your A-game the second you arrive. To make a stellar first impression, make eye contact, smile, and focus on what he's saying.

Let us know if these tips worked for you, at least if you got the confidence to make your first date. And explore many more new ideas @meettheworld.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Killers of your love life

Love is the fuel of our soul. It has enormous power that can change our lives forever. It’s a matter of real fortune to find out the love of your life and be with him/her forever. Many of us have had the experience of being in love, but all these love affairs don’t end well. Life is definitely not a fairytale, and people don’t always live “Happily ever after”. A number of things obstruct the way of love, and hence cause splitting ups. If a few things can build a strong relationship or mend a cracked one, why not give it a shot? Let’s get going.

1. Criticism
It is one of the most dangerous spoiler of a good relationship. If you are always critical at your partner, there’s no way things will turn out good. Though it is not possible to praise someone all the time, it is not impossible to be a little more sympathetic towards the person you love. Rather, you should be the support he or she needs in critical situations. Even if you are criticizing your partner, it should be done occasionally and the criticism should be constructive rather than destructive. Rather than pointing out what is wrong, you better start opening how to make it right.

2. Cry baby
When two person get intimate, some conflicts are inevitable. We all are individuals with different points of view, different perspectives, and varying likes and dislikes. It is not necessary that two person who love each other will share the same ways of thought or similar interests. But if you are always whining about silly matters, soon your partner will be disturbed and then your relationship will fall sick. Both parties should be cooperative and compromising to build a healthy relationship.

3. Blame game
It’s not always his/her fault. You are no angel from heavens above, you might also make a mistake. So instead of always blaming your partner for each and every trouble you face, take some liability on your own shoulder. If you’ve done something wrong, admitting it will not kill you. Rather, it might save you the trouble of a break up. And taking responsibility of your actions is a sign of maturity, too!

4. Egotism and bitterness
Couples fight, that’s no big deal. But afterwards, patching up is very important. If you’ve made a mistake, take no time to say sorry. This simple but magical word can resolve million issues within a moment. Don’t let your ego ruin your love life. On the other hand, if your partner does something wrong and says sorry afterwards, learn to forgive him. Holding grudges is very harmful for a healthy relationship. Letting go is not always easy, but is obviously the most peaceful thing to do on earth.

5. Sarcasm
Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine, but watch on whose expenses you are laughing. In a healthy relationship, there should be laughter and wit, no question about that. But there is a difference between being funny and being sarcastic. Do not hurt your partner’s feelings while trying to be funny, watch your limits.

6. Tendency of changing each other
As mentioned earlier, two person hardly always agree on everything. So, the lovers need to learn to accept each other for who they are. Do not try to change the person once you are in a relationship. And do not let your individuality be compromised at any cost.

7. Deception and jealousy
The very root of a love affair is trust. You have to be completely true and faithful to each other in order to build a healthy relationship. Cheating and pretension is disgraceful not only for your partner, but also for your own self. If you have complete faith on each other, there is no room for jealousy in your relationship.

8. Inadequate attention
Your partner deserves your full attention at different situations. Try to be sincerely there for him/her when necessary. Instead of being all ears all the time, listen to what your partner has to say and try to give a well-thought solution. Give him/her the feelings that you do care. Make time for each other, not occasionally, but frequently. Spend quality time together.

9. Being a hover bee
Being in love does not mean tearing all other relationship apart. Let your partner have his/her free time and you too have yours. Do not let you love life ruin your family life, friend circle or your career. Everything have their own place in our lives. Set priorities and act accordingly.

A relationship is just like a tender little plant who needs support to grow. With the right type of nutrition, it can turn into a strong big tree. All you have to do is give it the support it needs. You light the path, and love will find its way to you and lead you throughout your love. Love and be loved!

If this blog seems useful to you and you want to explore more about life, love and friendship, keep an eye on . we will be here with ideas on different aspects of life. Explore us, and MeetTheWorld.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Global friendship is the new trend

Hello everyone, I am a fashion designer. I have a boutique house of my own. Couple of months back, you could have called me a struggling business person. But now I am running my business in full suing. Wanna know my secret of success? Here it comes!

In my shop, I provide clothes of global standard. Apart from the local trends, I follow the global trends while launching a new product. I even try to create a fusion by mingling the fashion trends of different countries.

And the source of most of my innovative ideas are my friends all over the world. I recently signed up in a new and cool social networking website- MeetTheWorld. This amazing site gave me access to different people all around the world.

While creating my profile, I wrote a few lines about myself. I mentioned my knack for fashion designing, my boutique shop, and BAM! Sooner than I expected, my inbox was filled with messages from different people around the world with similar line of interest.

They are friendly, generous and extremely helpful. Many of them gave me new ideas about designing my products, showed me new ways of advertising and marketing, and thus my business turned out to be a success.

I would like to recommend this superb site to everyone out there. Whatever your line of interest is, there are always people out there that share similar interest. You are not alone. Try your luck of friendship today and flourish your dreams.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Tips for safe social networking

Social networking is a great way to stay connected and share information like photos, videos etc. with people. In these busy days, these sites seem to be too important and inevitable to avoid. But besides connecting us to our family, friends and people we prefer to be connected to, these sites are exposing us to everybody in general. And this “Everybody” includes people we are not interested in, people we don’t like, and even people we might prefer to avoid. There are even people like hackers who might cause unthinkable troubles to our lives.

We can easily avoid most of these troubles if we follow some simple ways. The way the social sites expose us to the world, they at the same us provide safely measures to prevent any mishap from happening. Many of us do not know of the safety features provided, many of us just do not bother. For everyone out there, I pointed out some safety measures that might come in handy.

1. Look before you leap
Be very careful and selective about the information you share in a public platform. Do not share information through which your physical self might be detected. Do not share anything you might regret in future. Remember one thing, whatever you post or upload online is permanent. Even if you delete it from your device, it might be permanently stored in someone else’s device.

2. Preserve yourself
Never share confidential information: Information like your user id, password, email address, home address. Phone number, social security number etc. are ways to track you down. DO NOT SHARE THESE. Sharing these types of data is harmful for you and the people in your friend list as well. Be selective in sharing your photos and videos.

3. Don’t chase popularity, be choosy
It doesn’t really matter how many friends you have in a social networking site, or how many people follow you. What really matters is how many of them you actually know and how many of them you can trust. Do not accept random friend requests, be selective. Do not trust anyone blindly, take the time to verify his/her information.

4. Study the privacy options and customize
Almost all the social networking sites provides certain options to customize the default privacy settings. Know how to use them and then customize your privacy settings. Thus you can control what other people get to know about you. Also, do study to learn how the sites can use your information.

5. Do not violate the networking policies of the site
Every site has their own rules and boundaries. Do not cross them. Learn about the features, privacy policies and terms of services of the site you register yourself in. Do not share anything offensive, harmful or disturbing to others. If anyone else does so, immediately report to the site authority. Respect yourself and respect others.

6. Be careful before accepting any message or opening links
A message you receive may not be from the one it says it’s from. Hackers may hack your friend’s id and text you pretending to be him/her. So, be very careful. Is a message or link appears to be suspicious, do not open it. Try to contact the friend who apparently send it in an alternative way and make sure if it’s actually from him/her. Be cautious in opening links from unknown sources.

7. Be useful
If you join a site, try to help people out there. Instead of spreading hoax and rumor, share information that are authentic and effective. By providing valuable information, you can establish yourself as a reliable person and a good source of information, someone people would love to follow.

8. Choose the networking sites that suits your purpose
If your networking is on professional purpose, you do not need to waste your time in social sites. Instead, you better search for the sites about professional interests, jobs and so on. If you are looking for friendship, love etc., go for the sites that provides so. If you choose to be in both types of sites, distinguish your personal contacts from the professional ones. Do not register yourself in each and every site out there, be selective.

9. Search yourself
A very effective way to detect any mishap regarding you is to use the search option with your name on it. In this way, you’ll not only see what other people can see about you, but also can detect and one faking your id or using your information without your knowledge.

Take good care of your social networking accounts and be safe. Happy networking!

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15 tips for a happy relationship and love life

Love and Relationship requires thoughtfulness and dedication from the associated partners. In our busy schedule maintaining a relationship ...