Thursday, June 8, 2017

Travel tips for beginners

Our life on earth is itself a journey towards the unknown. This journey is not always very smooth. There are ups and downs in life. And sometimes the road is so smooth that you start feeling kind of bored. The best way to get rid off this boredom is to travel. It opens our mind, helps us gain experience and knowledge, refreshes our mind, and thus brings some new colors and flavors to our monotonous everyday life.
Travelling is fun, no doubt. But there are hassles too. Where to go, how to go, where to stay, how much to spend, what to do… confusions start messing up around our mind. But should that hold you back from exploring the world? Of course not! So here are some helpful travelling tips for the potential travelers. Make a safe, happy and memorable journey.

1. Try to keep your backpack light:
If you are travelling alone, you can easily minimize the load by leaving the unimportant things behind. But do not just throw everything to keep the pack light. Understand your priorities in accordance to your travel plan. For instance, if you are travelling to a hot and sunny location, scarfs and bandanas are a must to take. Besides, there are some common items like sandals, sunglasses, first aid box etc. which are necessary for all sorts of journey.

2. Keep some cash aside:
For backup in a difficult situation in a foreign country, you should stash some extra bucks, say a hundred dollars in a few different places. So, even if u get robbed, you can at least recover. Backpack lining, socks, toiletry bags are some popular spots to stash your emergency cash. In this regard, travel experts highly discourage the use of money belts. They draw too much attention and thus makes you a potential target of the thieves.

3. Keep an open mind, don’t judge:
People around the world have their different ways of life. They have their beliefs and points of view. Keep an open mind towards others opinions. You don’t have to agree to everything, but should not react as well. Listen to others, sometimes try something new. It will add some extra flavor to your journey.

4. Keep backups:
Always carry more than one copies of your important documents like passport, visa, driver’s license, important phone numbers etc. Have both hard copies and soft copies of them. Save the documents on an external hard drive as well as online.

5. Don’t panic:
In your journey, everything will not go according to the plan. Incidents and accidents might happen. Try not to make a big fuss out of it. Chill, laugh, enjoy! What’s the point of being so serious? You missed a bus? Wait for the next one. Being paranoid or overthinking is not a solution. If you can’t control the situation, just go with the flow. Eventually you’ll be able to get out of the mess. Be happy!

6. Enquire about the cost in advance:
Before boarding on a public transportation or ordering food in a shop, do know about the cost. Never ever eat in a shop near a tourist spot, they’ll surely cost you some extra bucks.

7. Wake up early:
If you are travelling to a historical place, rising early in the morning is the best way to avoid crowd. Also, the diffused light of dawn is good for photos. It is the best hour to interact with the locals too. In addition, waking up early gives you plenty of time to do a lot more stuff throughout the day. After all, you are here to travel, not to sleep obviously!

Besides these, you definitely should buy travel insurance. It will be more convenient for you if you can manage to learn few useful words, phrases, and/or sentences in the local language. For instance, cost of a product, or direction of a place etc.
If you are yet pondering on your decision to go for a tour, don’t delay. Get your stuff, pack the bag, and just go for it. Mark my word, you won’t regret. Enjoy your life, it’s the only one you’re gonna have!

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