Thursday, June 22, 2017

Fun on weekend

Among these busy days we all are passing through, weekends seem to be a blessing. After the whole week’s monotonous routine work, some of us want the weekends to be a bit relaxing, while some others want some excitement, some new things to explore. I’d like to give some ideas for your next weekend. I hope you’ll find them useful.

It is quite obvious that many of us fail to do proper cleanup of our house/rooms on the weekdays due to the scheduled tasks. Weekend can be the best time to go for those cleanups. Do some laundries, cleanup your room, work in the garden; in short give attention to the things you couldn’t attend on the weekdays. But do not overdo it. Don’t get yourself tired to the bones by working too hard. You cannot do everything within one day. Set priorities, make plans and then execute them. While sorting things out, you’ll find many things which you do not need anymore. You can arrange a yard sale to get rid off those unused clutter. Or, you can donate them for charity.

Sort out some time to do some catch ups and patch ups. Call your long forgotten friend or a distant relative with whom you have spent some good times in the past. Try the social networking sites to find your high school’s best pal out. Talk to them, meet them if possible. You will surely have a well-spent weekend.
Do not forget to spend some good time with yourself. Read a book, play the game you love most. Hang out with your friends, watch a movie. Check out the local events and make your plans accordingly. Go out with your family, visit some place together, and eat at a new restaurant you haven’t tried before, enjoy a concert or show together. Life will continue to roll on, but these memories will last forever.

You can have quality time with your family at home. Cook something special together, watch a movie together at home, play some board games, try something new like origami or crafting. Also, you can arrange a party and invite your friends and family. A costume party or a bar-b-que party can spice up your weekend. There are rental services who can take care of your party if you don’t wanna go through the hassle all by yourself. Thus you not only will have a good time, but also will have better communication with your friends and family.

Another great way to spend your weekend is to do some charity. Charity does not always mean that you need to spend money or give things away. There are many volunteer projects that need your time only. You can work there and enjoy the divine pleasure of working selflessly, for the benefit of others. Also, you can raise your helping hand to your elderly neighbors this weekend.

Apart all of these you can spend this weekend going for camping with you family or friends. A whole day in the nearby woods together can be a great experience. You can also go for a picnic together.
Do not let your weekend be a waste. Spend your precious weekend to do something worth spending time on. Try and explore new things. Have a great weekend!

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