Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A whole new world of friends is just a click away

Hi, Guys. I am Chanelle from France. Having foreign friends only adds excitement to your life journey. People from different countries have so many things to share between themselves, that is one good reason having foreign friends can be exciting. In recent days social websites are a platform to meet and greet people from different localities.

People with different views and customs come together with the help of these websites. MeetTheWorld is such a social platform to make new friends, and it is already gaining popularity because of its ease and uniqueness.

People of different ideas and interests come together using these websites. And it is always a joy to find people who are interested in the same things as you. MeetTheWorld gives you this privilege to find friends based on their interests. It is a great feature of MeetTheWorld. Its search options are much developed and handy. They are really user-friendly.

You can register in MeetTheWorld using your Facebook or Gmail account. Then you choose your preferences and MeetTheWorld sets up your profile accordingly. They have a huge and varied set of preference choice, which includes travel, entertainment, movies, history, music, books and literature etc. You name it, they bring you the people interested in those, just like you.

I have a huge interest in books and literature. I love to read books. Literature of different countries attracts me like nothing else. And I also have my own personal library. Books are a man's best friends. They enrich you with knowledge, broaden your outlook and expands your mentality. Books help you grow up as a person. Book-lovers are never bound to any geographical boundary.

They like to learn about all the countries, all the regions, all the races of this world. That's where MeetTheWorld has proved itself of huge service to me. It has the auto friend suggestion generation based on your choice.

Using MeetTheWorld I've found friends who are interested in literature. We discuss the writers of our native countries and their writings. If we come across something really good, we can inform each other using the real-time messenger of MeetTheWorld. I have known about different books which I really liked. I've also made a bunch of new friends using MeetTheWorld. We chat and discuss our everyday life. Some of them visited my country a few days ago. They stayed at my home and we enjoyed a lot. They also invited me to go to their country in my vacations.

MeetTheWorld has not only messenger service but also forums. You can join these forums and put up a topic for public discussions. Many people give their opinions in those forums. People with experience has increased my knowledge of different topics in these forums.

MeetTheWorld also has a unique benefit. That is, you don't have to know English to use it. It has its auto-translation service. You write in the language you want, they will translate it to English. Thus you don't have to worry about language anymore! Moreover, it is a great way to learn English also.

"Hello MeetTheWorld! Hello People of MeetTheWorld!

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