Friday, June 30, 2017

A new social site: a true friend to find more friends

Hello everyone, I am Alicia from the United States. I am a housewife. It has been a couple of months since I left my country and moved here with my husband.

Now I am leading quite a comfortable life. But things were not always this smooth. The first few days were just nightmares. A new place with lots of new faces just startled me. I was not that good in English. So, I understood none and nobody understood me. I missed my home, I felt like crying.

Then one of my friends from back home introduced me with this amazing social networking site: MeetTheWorld. At first I didn’t have much hope, how can a site help someone like me- a lonely woman with zero communication skill in English?

But I was proven wrong. This site literally pulled me out of my sad little blue world. First, my language barrier was removed as MeetTheWorld has this awesome automatic translation service. I was able to set my preferred language.

Then I chose my fields of interest. I liked fashion, clothing and am obsessed with cooking. After I managed to create my profile, people actually knocked me! To my utter surprise, I found many people around the world who shared the same interests as me. Day by day, I had more friends. Not only that they shared their interests with me, but also I could improve my communication skills through exchanging messages with them.

Now I am not that afraid, lonely woman anymore. Now I have lots of friends- both home and abroad. Every now and then, I try recipes shared by my friend from the opposite side of the world. I am aware of the fashion trends all over the world. Every day, I and my friends have these real-time chats that fill us with a lot of information I never knew even existed.

I have recommended this site to many of my friends, and like me, they all have found it to be amazing! You guys also go for it.

"Hello MeetTheWorld! Hello People of MeetTheWorld!

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