Thursday, May 18, 2017


We meet many people in our day to day lives. We meet people on the road while travelling and due to technological advancements we meet many people on the internet. The internet is a great way to keep in touch with friends who are living all over the world.

The technological advances have provided adequate methods for us to be in contact with our friends throughout the world. Social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ have given the modern day a method to keep in touch with your friends’ day to day life.

Relationships with friends all over the worlds was there from earlier times. The communication methods that the earlier people had were mostly through postal services so it took a lot of time to communicate with each other. The speed of communication between friends have been increased drastically through the technological advances that has taken place. Now people are able to send texts, audios, videos and pictures to their friends in the blink of an eye and have a real time communication with them even if they live on different countries. The world has become a smaller place due to the advances in technology.

The relationships that many people have between others can be business related, platonic or romantic and can be either an internet relationship or an in person relationship. All these friendships are vital in the modern day world in order to service. The benefits of having friends all around the world are many. It is good to have an ethnically diverse friend list having people with similar ethnicity. You can learn a lot from when you have an ethnically diverse friend list.

The bonds that you make with the friends all over the worlds will be very advantageous for you. The first thing is that you will have a cultural exchange and due to that you will be able to get to try new things such as different foods and customs that are there in those cultures. There is also the possibility of learning a new language when you have friends all over the world. The best part of having friends in different countries is that when you travel you will always have a friend who knows the place. They will have a better idea about the places to travel and will accommodate you during your stay. This will be valuable since you will not have to spend a lot on accommodation if you are a traveler. It is as if you are having your own Airbnb network.

So in conclusion it is a good thing to have relationships with friends all over the world. The modern technology has given us the opportunity to keep in touch with our friends and be a part of their lives so that you will never be missed. Even if you have friends in the same country you will be able to keep in touch and get all the advantages of having friends abroad.

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