Sunday, May 28, 2017


Life and friends are heavily inter-related. You simply won’t have a life if you don’t have friends. Friends add meaning to your life. You got to be wise when you pick friends to associate. You should move around with friends who have a clear goal in life, so that they can help you achieve your life goals. Good friends could guide you in the right path of life. You may across many friends throughout different stages in your life. You are more likely to associate the friends whom you may get to know when you are at the age of 21 to 25, till the later part of your life. This is also the stage of life where you get to know many fake friends, who may hang out with you just to fulfill their personal objectives. Make you friends a quality ingredient to your recipe of life.

Making friends

Making friends is quite easy, but maintaining the friendship is the toughest part. The highly trending social media like Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram and WhatsApp have set the platform for people to interact with people all over the world. This is a great benefit for people who love to make friends. A simple “Hi” could be the beginning for a strong bond of friendship. There have been many incidents where online friendships have turned into strong lifetime friendships. Your attitude matters to a great deal if you are planning to make friends all over the world.

As mentioned earlier, maintaining the friendship is the toughest part. It requires a lot of mutual understanding and mental capacity. Misunderstandings should be avoided in order to maintain a peaceful and healthy friendship. Having a strong bond of friendship could make you a strong person as the time passes.

Distance doesn’t really matter

Distance is just a narrow line which is drawn between you and your friend. The technological innovations have guided the mankind with many methods to contact people. It could be via a smartphone, a computer or even a modern television. Having friends all over the world is a great benefit. People get to know friends from different nations, when they study in foreign universities. This seems to be the trend in most of the Asian countries, where they tend to register in foreign universities so that they could associate friends from different nations. This is no harm actually. This could help in developing co-existence among nations.

Maintaining friendships with people from different nations could help in building peace among nations indirectly. Friendship takes more of an informal undercover approach in the process of building unity among nations. This is the beauty of friendship. Friends could be considered as ambassadors who help in the process of peace building among nations. Take your friendship to the next level, through interacting with friends all over the world. This could benefit both you and your society as a whole. Join in hands to build peace among nations in the name of friendship.

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