Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Majority of people living in this planet loves to make friends. When it comes to making friends and getting to know people, there indeed not a single barrier created or limit towards this process of act. People are given the rights to make friends and connection with whom ever they want globally or locally.

Speaking about making friends from other nations which is indeed a sensitive topic as not many people actually put an effort to make friends from other nations back at the past. But that’s in the past since the hindrance of communication. Although as mentioned before that there are no barriers in making friends from any country but there was indeed a limitation in communication back at the past. As we all know that in the past technology was not developed as now and it was a great issue for people to connect globally other than sending post card or letters which would probably take weeks or months to receive.

Fortunately in the present, people are able to make friends from any part of the worlds through many networks which help you find friends. Speaking about on how I found my pen friends, it all began when I signed up for a friend finder network which enables you to search for people of your age and interest from any country you wish. Now these kinds of networks actually are a great help for people who look for pen friends.

Having friends from other nations is indeed really important as we are presently living in a globally connected era. The whole world is just one space now. The more we make friends from other nations, the more we are connected. This connection established will help you benefit many things in different ways. Such as giving you the opportunity or reason to visit those countries, gaining reasonable food and lodging or even a free stay, able to obtain any product from that specific nation, have the opportunity to learn a different language or even get translation help and many other benefits too.

All in all having a pen friend will give you a better exposure and learning ability to actually understand their culture, good, dressing, festivals and even their day to day living lifestyles. These are great stuff for any individual to learn and explore. People with adventurous attitudes would love to learn and explore the difference of another nation especially when there is someone they know. Travelling to meet your pen friends for the first time could be exciting and would probably be an unforgettable journey of a life time. It may be million miles away or maybe just an hour apart but yet you are about to see someone whom you call your friend but never seen before.

If you do not have a friend from another nation by now, I would actually advice you to go look out for someone who’s interest and expertise are similar to yours. This would also enhance your career and give you a better experience in life.

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