Monday, May 8, 2017


A lot of people have traded their jobs to travel the world full-time. Why do they do that? Is it really worth it? It is definitely a very significant and big decision in life. It can be challenging to leave your comfort zone and stop doing the usual daily routine you have. Travelling is one of the most amazing and fulfilling adventures in life that you could ever embark on. Once you got a taste of it, you’ll surely come looking for more.
Why would you limit yourself and get stuck up in the same corners your entire life, when in fact, you have 146 countries and over 4,000 cities to explore? Set foot on the most amazing places and bring those beautiful photographs of sceneries into life!
If you’re still not convinced on why you should travel and still believe that it should be one of the last things you’ll ever try in your life, here 7 reasons why to break that belief and start packing your things.

1. Travelinglets you discover yourself.

It lets you come out of your shell and learn who you truly are. Skills, independence and confidence and other potentials you didn’t know you possess will surprisingly show up once you’re traveling.  Whether you travel alone, with a partner or with a group, your development will surely speed up.
It teaches you to explore your creative side and grow emotionally and intellectually. You will eventually be knowledgeable of how quickly you can adapt to a whole lot different culture which is something you will never know if you’ll just stay in your comfort zone forever.

2. Travelling makes you a better storyteller.

Memories are made when you travel – and these memories are not those type that you would just like to keep to yourself for a lifetime. Experiencing the journey that you can just read or watch before firsthand gives you that feeling of wanting to share the experience with others. You would surely find the best words to describe the feeling, excitement, and happiness of traveling somewhere since you, yourself have been there already.
You won’t just tell a story, you’ll share with people the journey. You’ll turn into an inspiring storyteller with your wonderful stories in store.

3. Travelling opens your eyes.

It gives you a much wider perspective of the world than how you used to see it. It lets you grip tighter on reality and see the world in different lenses giving you a fresher point of view. Travelling expands your horizon letting you see and understand the people with distinct cultures.
You may realize that there are a lot of things that you take for granted after being deprived of it while visiting other localities. It breaks down stereotyping that closes our minds to the truth. You are not always in the same boat with others. Life is not always on the bright side and traveling will help you experience life at its best as well as at its toughest.

4. Travelling builds inter-continentalrelationships.

What’s best about travelling is meeting the world’s population one person at a time and make it a smaller place. Friendships you make on your trip will surely be one of the treasures in your life since these people are the ones who will let you experience being a local yourself in a foreign country. And these are the only people who you can count on in a distant land.
These people will not only tour you around but will also nourish you with wisdom to understand their history, tradition, social dynamics and customs.  The people you meet throughout the journey will surely leave an imprint in your life and the next time you’ll meet them is either you visit them or you journey with them.

5. Travelling teaches you multiple languages 

Okay, you may not be fluent in speaking a whole new language in just a short span of time but travelling can let you get a glimpse of the language. It will help you learn a few words and phrases that you can use to communicate with the locals around you.
There is something satisfying to be able to speak at least a sentence of a completely different language that you never had an idea just a few weeks before. There is a sense of satisfaction of being able to order your food or book your hotel accommodations on a foreign land without having the need to ask for assistance from a local since you have been accustomed to speaking the language already through numerous travel trips.

6. Travelling lets you experience new adventures.

According to Eleanor Roosevelt, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” As a matter of fact, you’ll learn more about life from travelling than all your years in school because of all the new experiences and adventures it could offer.
Conquer your fears and embrace your weaknesses. Travel the world without anxiety and fear. Test your limits. Take these adventures as challenges to improve and strengthen up yourself. It might be scary at first because you may encounter things you have never known before but always keep in mind that every fresh experience     you gain is another wisdom gained.

7. Traveling is something you must do even once in your life because why not?!

Travel simply because it will make you happy. We only have one life to live and we got to live it without regrets. Who knows if you’re other-half-to-be may be sitting just around the corner on the other side of the world? We can never tell what we might discover and unfold throughout the journey.
If you’re considering travelling “somewhere in the future”, why not do it now? Why not start your future right now?  If you’re always going to wait until you’re ready, you’ll never be ready. We are never guaranteed an old age so try things while you can. Live life while you are still living.

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