Sunday, April 2, 2017


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Have you tried uploading photos online through your MeetTheWorld account? Try it now, it’s super easy and fun.
Uploading your photos online is always fun. It not only helps you to establish a better appearance in front of the virtual world, but also helps others to get better ideas about you. Some nice and attractive photos in your newsfeed is an obvious incentive for people to visit your profile and get inquisitive about you. Also, your photos will spice up your posts!
To upload photo/s, go to “Photo” option from the top of the MeetTheWorld homepage.

Choose the “Upload Photo” option.

Now a dialogue box will appear in front of you where you can drag and drop photo, or can click on “Browse”. If you choose to browse, select the photo/s you’d like to upload. You can upload up to four pictures at a time. After selection, click on “Upload Photos!”
At this point, you can write a caption or change the date for a specific photo. Finally, click on the “Publish Photo” option, and you’re done!

Share your life with your friends by uploading your photos today! Let your experiences be retold by the photos of your special day, travelling, hobbies, foods… in short, anything and everything! With the photos of your memorable moments, you can share those precious memories with the rest of the world, and thus can make more friends all over the worlds.
Upload photos and befriend the world today! Don’t delay!!!

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