Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Traveling sure is an exciting experience, however having friends that come along with you on your travels make it even greater. Sharing your journey with someone else makes the whole trip richer and worthwhile. The chance to learn new things and discover hidden treasures of each destination makes the overall experience wonderful and joyous. In this article I would like to highlight why it’s a good idea to travel the world with friends and the advantages.

Splitting the Cost

Not only are plane tickets expensive, but cab fares, hotels, tour guides, restaurants and so on are all pretty expensive. But if you do travel with a bunch of friends you could split the amount, which makes everything more affordable.
If you do the math and plan in advance, you could save on a lot of last minute panic. The best way is to prepare an itinerary with all the travel expenses in it and how much it costs each person when divided.

Good Company when you Travel

If you’re the kind of person that hates traveling solo, then this option is for you. Having company along the journey is great fun and saves you from boredom. This is especially useful if you’ve got layovers, which can be horrible.
You could rent out a place together if the layover is more than 8-10 hours long or you could camp it out right at the airport with your best buddies for company. You could even do a little duty free shopping or try out a restaurant while there.

Do Crazy things Together

Sometimes trying new things can be scary but having a friend for a little encouragement is a wonderful thing. Being with someone to try out crazy things with makes the experience so much more fun.
When in a new place the opportunity to discover is vast and the knowledge picked up is good when shared. Having a friend you trust and value to help you with each obstacle you face is beneficial.

Sharing the Experience 

Sharing is definitely caring and this can be applied when traveling to. Whether it’s sharing clothes, a camera, food or bills the thought of having someone you can count on is what really cements a friendship.
Sharing is a valiant and virtuous thing do to and the better every opportunity will be as you go along with you travel plans

The more the Merrier

If you plan on making even more friends while traveling the best way to attract them is by already having a group of them. Most people love spending time with large crowds as the company is great and varied, which leads to mixed conversations.
When the group is large the more attention it draws as the different blend of people and the opportunity to learn new things increase.

Good Safety Measures 

Traveling with two or more people is sure to keep you safe and out of sticky situations. Especially if you get drunk at a bar, or don’t feel very well having someone there who’s got you back is a good thing.
This helps you remain safe and collected while you travel even if things do get a little wild. Always keep a list of phone numbers and addresses if by chance you do get separated at some point.

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