Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Meet The World, a brand-new, full-service interactive social sharing platform designed to partner people up from around the world in pursuit of new friendships and communication, this week officially launched its free, collaborative platform for providing sustainable and reliable avenues of connection for any type of age, gender, ethnicity, and more.

Borne from a passion for contributing to a culture of togetherness and connection between people from different areas, regions, and backgrounds, Meet The World aims to foster friendships between users in a quick and easy manner.

“With all of our technological capabilities today, it only makes sense to use this infrastructure to put people from all over the world in contact with one another,” said Taehun Pak, Founder and Owner of Meet The World. “Human compassion and our innate desire to connect with one another is what’s already driving this platform forward at an impressive rate.”

Aiming to be the “next Facebook” spotlight platform and mobile application for communication, Meet The World shares the philosophy that humans from every corner of the globe can befriend one another with the right communication access.

To join the free site, users need to only register with either an email account, Facebook portal, or a Google ID portal. It is completely up to the user which kind of verification method they would like to choose. Once in the site, users can peruse various categories like age, language, interests, and hobbies like sports, travel, music, movies, food and drink, entertainment, history, books and literature, cars, romance, arts and crafts and more. Additional categories include news, politics, religion, and other topics that may be in-depth for certain types of users.

“By breaking our user interface down in a simple-to-click and understand way, we’re providing people with the tools they need from the onset to connect with likeminded individuals with similar passions,” said Taehun Pak. “Some people are more comfortable discussing movie releases than they are national politics. By searching around our distinctive categories, users are already well on their way to meeting people they can have conversation with.”

In addition to the category breakdown, users can also locate friends using a map feature. If a particular user wants to connect with individuals in a similar region to their own, they can break their search down based upon geographic location. Once a user finds a friend they want to get to know better, they simply click “Add to Friend” and are able to start conversation.

Once in conversation, the platform has an exciting messaging option that is poised to replace SMS texting as we know it. The difference with Meet The World is that it's a free option for chatting with people in other countries.

“Today, too many people are prevented from connecting with would-be friends because they lack the resources and finances to pay for cross-world texting interaction,” said Taehun Pak. “We’re changing that with our free to access platform that promotes and encourages connection from any would-be friends. Spread the word on the official availability of our site, and head on over today to get lost in the world of potential incredible people on Meet The World.”

Site visitors can check out a front-page scroll of members already registered with the platform.
For more information, or to register today, visit: https://www.meettheworld.com/

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