Sunday, April 30, 2017


We live in times where individuals prefer to text over talking and use social media platforms to keep in touch - which is acceptable. But, how often do we think of expanding our social network beyond our community, college, school, or even place of work? There are many perks of expanding your circle of friends outside your comfort zone and keeping in touch with those who have emigrated overseas - this update will remind you of what you have been missing.

At some point, be it in your childhood years or even in college, you would have lost a friend who had moved to another country. Your friend may not necessarily be around you, but that does not mean that it would end your friendship. A sustained relationship over the miles can benefit you more than you realize.

You learn to embrace cultures:
If you live in Asia or Europe there be many things you wouldn't know about culture in Africa or America - been in touch with friends who move to different continents. When they relate their experiences to you, you expand your mind. Your learning of human beings heightens and racist concepts are eradicated. What's more is that you wouldn't have to travel to these locations to learn about them. The constant dialogue through friendship (social media, telephone, or email) is sufficient to sustain relationships and increase your knowledge of the said culture.

Outweigh cost of travel
Travelling is expensive - we all know that. You need to look into airfare, hotels, food, visa and insurance. Think of how much you can save or even use for your shopping if you can stay with friends.  That's the next benefit of having friends who live overseas - you can save just enough for your airfare, but your accommodation and food can be enjoyed as a guest with your friend.

Delicious food - need we say more?
You can swap recipes with your friends or even get their help to send you ingredients you cannot source in your local communities. Or for instance, if you do get the chance to travel to their country they're sure to treat you to their indigenous cuisine.

Learning new words
What's better than to impress your friends with a few fancy words? Throw in bits of 'thank you', 'I love you', or you're welcome' in another language thanks to your friends who live overseas. That's another privilege of having friends who live in different continents and countries.

Looking for added reasons to celebrate more?
Looking forward celebrating more often? Celebrate for different reasons like Independence Day in other countries, national days, and other festivities that are celebrated in countries your friends reside in.

Your personal AirBnB network:
You just need to hop on your flight and know that you can crash on your friend's couch. You don't have to worry about having too much cash when you have a friend around.
These reasons and more contribute to enriching your life - culturally, cuisine-wise, and expanded travel. This read is to encourage you to maintain your relationships with friends who have moved abroad. Have your bags packed - you never know when your next travel opportunity is around the corner!

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