Sunday, April 23, 2017


There is something interesting about getting into know about different people from various perspectives and cultures.
So as to illustrate world experiences of individuals having international friendships, here I have listed some of the benefits of having friends from all over the world.

Cultural exchange, all the experiences in one place without high expenses in traveling

We all know that traveling is something which costs a lot of money, in the same time many of us do not have the capability to do as we live in a world bounded with commitments such as studies, family, and work. However, making friendships with people all around the world can provide you an insight into a fully new culture other than leaving your own city.

All the tasty food you could ever think or imagine of

All cultures and societies have their own kind of relationships with food. According to the experiences of people with international friendships, the first thing a person introduces in showing things related to their culture is their food. And there are many kinds of delicious food all over the world. You can avoid yourself from hunting down a hotel which may not, or may, be authentic – especially when you have friends who are desperate to express their food culture.

Learning new words and phrases in foreign languages

There are some aspects more cultured than a person being able to speak and handle various languages. And also it is not something realistic to become perfectly fluent from the inside, you can always receive some inside details on expressions and phrases. If you are a person who is particularly adventurous, always there is space to communicate with other people having different languages with contrasting languages within the same period of time.

A new aspect of having an understanding about different world views 

According to postmodernists, there is no absolute truth, but contrasting truths based on culture and background. When befriending and meeting people from around the globe, your discussion will illustrate your contrasting viewpoints on some specific issues related.  Those friendships can enlighten and challenge your specific view of the world, and facilitate you to experience life in a much richer way.

Opportunity to travel all over the world and getting in to know about the secret escapes in each and every country

A person having international friendships got access to his or her very own fully exclusive guide who can provide you each and every secret local escape and let you know what the mesmerizing tourist destinations which worth going to.

Every time there is a reason so as to engage in celebrations (independence days, holidays, and traditional celebrations)

International workers and students are mostly not relocating on a basis which is permanent, and while being in a country they need to explore and do, as much as they could. What about a spontaneous day trip to a city totally away? They are in. They are ready with their sleeping bags which are packed already. In most of the instances, they support you in seize any chance that comes with an enthusiasm which you may have never experienced earlier, but that will attach wit you throughout the rest of your entire life.

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