Sunday, April 23, 2017


Having friends from all over the world could be really interesting. It makes you feel like you are connected to the global space. Knowing another individual from a different nation, allows you to learn their culture, good, dressing, festival and also their day to day living style. I too had many friends from many countries and I enjoyed communicating with them very much.

In the past, making pen friends was indeed a difficult task since technology did not support people much towards this. It was only a very rear case you actually get to meet someone who has a pen friend and probably communication was only being completed by letters or post cards which took weeks and months to get received by the other party.

We are now fortunate enough to search for friends from almost any country we wish having them thanks to the advancement of technology. The mode of communication has become so easy that letters and post cards are not sent any more for any serious conversation but May be just for the fun of it. Facebook and other social media networks has also brought people closer to one big bubble where you get to see pictures and stories of your friends day to day lifestyle and living culture.

Another benefit of having these friends from different countries, is that you would have a reason to visit that nation and explore it too. Your friend over there would provide you with food and lodging if he or she wills or even take you around for a tour to explore his or her country. It is a great feeling when you travel to a new country you haven’t been there before but you got someone whom you know to be there with you throughout your stay. These visits would indeed increase the bond within friends and encourage more and more people to connect with multi national friends.

You could also invite your friend and family to your own country and take them around for an interesting your to show off the beauty of your country in a proud manner. In a way it is also a mean of helping your country by supporting and enhancing tourism to your own nation. Showing them your cultural practices and clothing and food will give them a great experience to actually see these information to their own eyes.

Having a friends in different nations could also help you in another way. Getting you any item you are actually in need of which is not currently available in your own country would be a major help conducted by these friends. I am sure, pen friends of all nations would love to help one another as it is indeed a pleasure to provide any item from their own country to someone else living overseas. I too have used this mechanism and benefited many times over it by getting down many items which my country doesn’t have at the present. There is nothing to lose by making friends. It will only be a positive act of connecting yourself globally. So run along and make good friends all around the world.

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