Thursday, April 20, 2017


Making friends is a great way to understand the world and its differences. Having a mixed group of friends enables us to bond better and have a stronger relationship with others. Which is why it’s always a good idea to try and make friends from other countries as this would create an opportunity for you to travel someday and the chance to be more grounded with your knowledge of people and places.
Having meaningful and likeminded friends is healthy, plus it lets us look at situations from a different angle. Even if you’re a shy person and find it hard to connect - you could try email, social media or join a pen friends club to help you meet some new people. Here are few reasons why having friends around the world is beneficial to anyone.

Helps Build Networks

Having a strong support group is always good in instances when trying to find a new job, accommodation when you travel or just looking for someone with interests such as yours. This type of communication with friends from across the globe will help you build networks that might be useful someday.
Especially when traveling a friend could connect you with someone that can help you out with a place to stay and so on. In most cases this is where social media sites come into play, enabling you to share your travel plans with a group of friends and find the proper guidance you need. Just remember to be careful especially if you’ve never met this friend or have never had a live chat before. Be sure to inform your parents or someone you trust exactly where you’ll be staying and going.

Creates Stronger Bonds

When visiting friends in distant places and seeing them live their lives can help create lifelong bonds of compassion and understanding. Travel usually forces people out of their comfort zones and teaches us lessons we wouldn’t otherwise have known. For example travel stresses us out, puts us in difficult situations, and leads us to uncommon territory and more. This creates in us an awareness of just how similar we humans are and all the common attributes we share no matter what religion or caste we belong to.
The things we learn and the experiences we go through are sure to help us bond better with people from different countries and teaches us to be more true to ourselves as well.

Leads to better Understanding

Travel brings different backgrounds and cultures together to share and experience new things. When you share in these experiences with someone who belongs to that culture, you get to witness what it’s like to live in that place.
You may stumble upon things that surprise you but more importantly you discover that people around the world, despite their differences in food or clothing are actually more similar than you ever anticipated.

Encourages Further Discovery

Once you make friends from various parts of the world, it’s likely you’ll want to travel more and discover new cities/places. International friendships open to us a world of new adventures and people to share it with.
This teaches us things we knew little about, making us feel closer and more connected to others and the world around us.

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