Sunday, April 30, 2017


We live in times where individuals prefer to text over talking and use social media platforms to keep in touch - which is acceptable. But, how often do we think of expanding our social network beyond our community, college, school, or even place of work? There are many perks of expanding your circle of friends outside your comfort zone and keeping in touch with those who have emigrated overseas - this update will remind you of what you have been missing.

At some point, be it in your childhood years or even in college, you would have lost a friend who had moved to another country. Your friend may not necessarily be around you, but that does not mean that it would end your friendship. A sustained relationship over the miles can benefit you more than you realize.

You learn to embrace cultures:
If you live in Asia or Europe there be many things you wouldn't know about culture in Africa or America - been in touch with friends who move to different continents. When they relate their experiences to you, you expand your mind. Your learning of human beings heightens and racist concepts are eradicated. What's more is that you wouldn't have to travel to these locations to learn about them. The constant dialogue through friendship (social media, telephone, or email) is sufficient to sustain relationships and increase your knowledge of the said culture.

Outweigh cost of travel
Travelling is expensive - we all know that. You need to look into airfare, hotels, food, visa and insurance. Think of how much you can save or even use for your shopping if you can stay with friends.  That's the next benefit of having friends who live overseas - you can save just enough for your airfare, but your accommodation and food can be enjoyed as a guest with your friend.

Delicious food - need we say more?
You can swap recipes with your friends or even get their help to send you ingredients you cannot source in your local communities. Or for instance, if you do get the chance to travel to their country they're sure to treat you to their indigenous cuisine.

Learning new words
What's better than to impress your friends with a few fancy words? Throw in bits of 'thank you', 'I love you', or you're welcome' in another language thanks to your friends who live overseas. That's another privilege of having friends who live in different continents and countries.

Looking for added reasons to celebrate more?
Looking forward celebrating more often? Celebrate for different reasons like Independence Day in other countries, national days, and other festivities that are celebrated in countries your friends reside in.

Your personal AirBnB network:
You just need to hop on your flight and know that you can crash on your friend's couch. You don't have to worry about having too much cash when you have a friend around.
These reasons and more contribute to enriching your life - culturally, cuisine-wise, and expanded travel. This read is to encourage you to maintain your relationships with friends who have moved abroad. Have your bags packed - you never know when your next travel opportunity is around the corner!

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Having friends who are adventurous just as you are is probably something like the greatest thing ever. Travelling could be much more exciting and adventure could be taken on to the next level surely when you are with a group of people who would probably enjoy it just like you do.
Friends are people who interact with you more often apart from your family. They share the same thoughts or may be similar which would enable a group almost to make similar decisions together. This would of course strengthen the bond between these friends and enhance more travelling adventures around the world. Travelling around the country or even around the world could be the most exciting thing ever for a bunch of friends to do.

As friends share similar interest, hobbies, trends, thoughts and ideas, getting along with these people probably anywhere could be made possible conveniently. If you are privileged by having friends in other countries could also be adventurous if you think of travelling to their nation with your local friends. Through this case, your foreign friend would help and support you and your group of friends by keeping you all company and taking you to fabulous places to explore and enjoy. You would also have the opportunity of experiencing the tastiest and best food outlets in that nation. Your holiday and travel diaries would indeed be worthwhile and completed by having someone guide you all the way learning techniques of explorations and expertise.

Another great advantage which you could obtain when travelling with friends is that , the cost of your stay, travelling , food, adventure cost can all be shared among the group of friends equally or even decide to take turns to get payments done. Through this way , all the friends in the pack would benefit in a big way since all the payments would be reasonably very cost effective.

As we all know and believe that, girls love to shop and guys love to eat. It is very convenient to decide and make a decision on what your next plan is with your bunch of friends together. Of course there is no gender barrier when it cones to friendship but most friends who travel a lot often stick to accommodate a pack of their same gender due to disruptive disagreements which may tent to occur. Friends would indeed care for each other and make sure everyone’s safe. As mentioned before, travelling with your closest group of friends could be the most exciting part of your friendship which will enable you to recollect unforgettable momentous memories.

If you haven’t actually gone anywhere on a holiday with your friends, I would probably advice you to do so since I don’t want you to miss out the greatest moments which you haven’t experienced yet. The experience and thrills of engaging yourself in adventurous activities would be totally different from travelling with your family. Friends are people who selected to be close with you for your entire life time. So go get yourself into some travel diaries with them.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Traveling sure is an exciting experience, however having friends that come along with you on your travels make it even greater. Sharing your journey with someone else makes the whole trip richer and worthwhile. The chance to learn new things and discover hidden treasures of each destination makes the overall experience wonderful and joyous. In this article I would like to highlight why it’s a good idea to travel the world with friends and the advantages.

Splitting the Cost

Not only are plane tickets expensive, but cab fares, hotels, tour guides, restaurants and so on are all pretty expensive. But if you do travel with a bunch of friends you could split the amount, which makes everything more affordable.
If you do the math and plan in advance, you could save on a lot of last minute panic. The best way is to prepare an itinerary with all the travel expenses in it and how much it costs each person when divided.

Good Company when you Travel

If you’re the kind of person that hates traveling solo, then this option is for you. Having company along the journey is great fun and saves you from boredom. This is especially useful if you’ve got layovers, which can be horrible.
You could rent out a place together if the layover is more than 8-10 hours long or you could camp it out right at the airport with your best buddies for company. You could even do a little duty free shopping or try out a restaurant while there.

Do Crazy things Together

Sometimes trying new things can be scary but having a friend for a little encouragement is a wonderful thing. Being with someone to try out crazy things with makes the experience so much more fun.
When in a new place the opportunity to discover is vast and the knowledge picked up is good when shared. Having a friend you trust and value to help you with each obstacle you face is beneficial.

Sharing the Experience 

Sharing is definitely caring and this can be applied when traveling to. Whether it’s sharing clothes, a camera, food or bills the thought of having someone you can count on is what really cements a friendship.
Sharing is a valiant and virtuous thing do to and the better every opportunity will be as you go along with you travel plans

The more the Merrier

If you plan on making even more friends while traveling the best way to attract them is by already having a group of them. Most people love spending time with large crowds as the company is great and varied, which leads to mixed conversations.
When the group is large the more attention it draws as the different blend of people and the opportunity to learn new things increase.

Good Safety Measures 

Traveling with two or more people is sure to keep you safe and out of sticky situations. Especially if you get drunk at a bar, or don’t feel very well having someone there who’s got you back is a good thing.
This helps you remain safe and collected while you travel even if things do get a little wild. Always keep a list of phone numbers and addresses if by chance you do get separated at some point.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


There is something interesting about getting into know about different people from various perspectives and cultures.
So as to illustrate world experiences of individuals having international friendships, here I have listed some of the benefits of having friends from all over the world.

Cultural exchange, all the experiences in one place without high expenses in traveling

We all know that traveling is something which costs a lot of money, in the same time many of us do not have the capability to do as we live in a world bounded with commitments such as studies, family, and work. However, making friendships with people all around the world can provide you an insight into a fully new culture other than leaving your own city.

All the tasty food you could ever think or imagine of

All cultures and societies have their own kind of relationships with food. According to the experiences of people with international friendships, the first thing a person introduces in showing things related to their culture is their food. And there are many kinds of delicious food all over the world. You can avoid yourself from hunting down a hotel which may not, or may, be authentic – especially when you have friends who are desperate to express their food culture.

Learning new words and phrases in foreign languages

There are some aspects more cultured than a person being able to speak and handle various languages. And also it is not something realistic to become perfectly fluent from the inside, you can always receive some inside details on expressions and phrases. If you are a person who is particularly adventurous, always there is space to communicate with other people having different languages with contrasting languages within the same period of time.

A new aspect of having an understanding about different world views 

According to postmodernists, there is no absolute truth, but contrasting truths based on culture and background. When befriending and meeting people from around the globe, your discussion will illustrate your contrasting viewpoints on some specific issues related.  Those friendships can enlighten and challenge your specific view of the world, and facilitate you to experience life in a much richer way.

Opportunity to travel all over the world and getting in to know about the secret escapes in each and every country

A person having international friendships got access to his or her very own fully exclusive guide who can provide you each and every secret local escape and let you know what the mesmerizing tourist destinations which worth going to.

Every time there is a reason so as to engage in celebrations (independence days, holidays, and traditional celebrations)

International workers and students are mostly not relocating on a basis which is permanent, and while being in a country they need to explore and do, as much as they could. What about a spontaneous day trip to a city totally away? They are in. They are ready with their sleeping bags which are packed already. In most of the instances, they support you in seize any chance that comes with an enthusiasm which you may have never experienced earlier, but that will attach wit you throughout the rest of your entire life.


Having friends from all over the world could be really interesting. It makes you feel like you are connected to the global space. Knowing another individual from a different nation, allows you to learn their culture, good, dressing, festival and also their day to day living style. I too had many friends from many countries and I enjoyed communicating with them very much.

In the past, making pen friends was indeed a difficult task since technology did not support people much towards this. It was only a very rear case you actually get to meet someone who has a pen friend and probably communication was only being completed by letters or post cards which took weeks and months to get received by the other party.

We are now fortunate enough to search for friends from almost any country we wish having them thanks to the advancement of technology. The mode of communication has become so easy that letters and post cards are not sent any more for any serious conversation but May be just for the fun of it. Facebook and other social media networks has also brought people closer to one big bubble where you get to see pictures and stories of your friends day to day lifestyle and living culture.

Another benefit of having these friends from different countries, is that you would have a reason to visit that nation and explore it too. Your friend over there would provide you with food and lodging if he or she wills or even take you around for a tour to explore his or her country. It is a great feeling when you travel to a new country you haven’t been there before but you got someone whom you know to be there with you throughout your stay. These visits would indeed increase the bond within friends and encourage more and more people to connect with multi national friends.

You could also invite your friend and family to your own country and take them around for an interesting your to show off the beauty of your country in a proud manner. In a way it is also a mean of helping your country by supporting and enhancing tourism to your own nation. Showing them your cultural practices and clothing and food will give them a great experience to actually see these information to their own eyes.

Having a friends in different nations could also help you in another way. Getting you any item you are actually in need of which is not currently available in your own country would be a major help conducted by these friends. I am sure, pen friends of all nations would love to help one another as it is indeed a pleasure to provide any item from their own country to someone else living overseas. I too have used this mechanism and benefited many times over it by getting down many items which my country doesn’t have at the present. There is nothing to lose by making friends. It will only be a positive act of connecting yourself globally. So run along and make good friends all around the world.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Making friends is a great way to understand the world and its differences. Having a mixed group of friends enables us to bond better and have a stronger relationship with others. Which is why it’s always a good idea to try and make friends from other countries as this would create an opportunity for you to travel someday and the chance to be more grounded with your knowledge of people and places.
Having meaningful and likeminded friends is healthy, plus it lets us look at situations from a different angle. Even if you’re a shy person and find it hard to connect - you could try email, social media or join a pen friends club to help you meet some new people. Here are few reasons why having friends around the world is beneficial to anyone.

Helps Build Networks

Having a strong support group is always good in instances when trying to find a new job, accommodation when you travel or just looking for someone with interests such as yours. This type of communication with friends from across the globe will help you build networks that might be useful someday.
Especially when traveling a friend could connect you with someone that can help you out with a place to stay and so on. In most cases this is where social media sites come into play, enabling you to share your travel plans with a group of friends and find the proper guidance you need. Just remember to be careful especially if you’ve never met this friend or have never had a live chat before. Be sure to inform your parents or someone you trust exactly where you’ll be staying and going.

Creates Stronger Bonds

When visiting friends in distant places and seeing them live their lives can help create lifelong bonds of compassion and understanding. Travel usually forces people out of their comfort zones and teaches us lessons we wouldn’t otherwise have known. For example travel stresses us out, puts us in difficult situations, and leads us to uncommon territory and more. This creates in us an awareness of just how similar we humans are and all the common attributes we share no matter what religion or caste we belong to.
The things we learn and the experiences we go through are sure to help us bond better with people from different countries and teaches us to be more true to ourselves as well.

Leads to better Understanding

Travel brings different backgrounds and cultures together to share and experience new things. When you share in these experiences with someone who belongs to that culture, you get to witness what it’s like to live in that place.
You may stumble upon things that surprise you but more importantly you discover that people around the world, despite their differences in food or clothing are actually more similar than you ever anticipated.

Encourages Further Discovery

Once you make friends from various parts of the world, it’s likely you’ll want to travel more and discover new cities/places. International friendships open to us a world of new adventures and people to share it with.
This teaches us things we knew little about, making us feel closer and more connected to others and the world around us.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


“No man is an island”, a quotation from John Donne that simply explains that no man can live alone. You would definitely need to have someone to be there for you – may it be your family, partner or your friends.
Every once in a while we meet different people and nowadays, it is much easier to make friends with the help of instant online connections. In just one click - one type, you can have hundreds of friends from different parts of the world. But, some buds may just come and go - some temporary, some permanent. So, distinguishing who among them are genuine can be quite a challenge.
So the question is, how do you know that a friend is true to you? Here are some signs to help you find out.

1. They stay with you through thick and thin. 

A true friend stays with you through the good times and the bad. He/she won’t ever think that you and your problems are a burden. They will stick by your side and help you through a rough patch.
Not only do they got your back but also your front and sides. You could always count on them even during different adversities in your life. They don’t just leave the ones they love out in the cold; they pick them up off the ground and carry them back to safety again. They certainly understand that you are not supposed to face trials in life by yourself.

2. They don’t withhold forgiveness.

Even real friends can hurt our feelings. It’s an inevitable thing since we are all humans. We all make mistakes and that’s where we learn and develop a stronger bond of friendship.
When arguments come up, real friends don’t go gossiping around and keep track of your mistakes. Rather, they reach out directly and weather the storm. And because they understand, they forgive.

3. They know what you are thinking and feeling without having to say a word.

No matter how hard you try to conceal how you really feel, they would totally know when something is up. You get along so well to the point that you memorized almost every inch of each other making it a piece of cake to distinguish the normal version of yourselves versus when you’re facing problems.
Once they knew about how you’re feeling, they don’t just sit around and wait for you to be okay. They go on extra miles to try to make you feel any way better. They’re ready to listen, comfort and fix things for you as far as they could. They would even crack some jokes even on serious times to lift up your gloomy mood.

4. They’re incredibly trustworthy.

Telling confidential matters to someone is very risky because you are trusting them not to go behind your back and tell others. But you don’t mind sharing these type of things to your true friends because you are aware of how trustworthy they are and how they respect and support you with your personal things in life.
You can trust them with not only keeping secrets that you wouldn’t want the whole world to know but you can also trust them with being honest with you. True friends tell you the truth may it be positive or negative because they will always call out on you if they think you need a little help. They do this because they care about you enough they are not afraid to be honest, even if it is something you may not want to hear.

5. They accept you exactly as you are.

You can feel totally comfortable around each other because you accept each other’s flaws. You don’t have to put your guard up or censor your words or actions since you can totally be yourself around each other. There is a total freedom to be yourself in the kind of friendship you have.
True friends unconditionally love and remind each other of who you truly are underneath it all. They will never condemn or criticize you for your weaknesses or insecurities. In fact, they will be the first ones to help you turn them into one of your strengths.

True friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget. In life we never really lose friends, we only discover who those real ones are.
Was this a big help for you to recognize your genuine friends? Did we forget to include another trait that you and your true friend possess? We value your opinion! Let us know in the comments below!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


There are countless social media posts of relationship goals that we see every time we go online. We sometimes can’t help ourselves but to feel jealous. Instead of being jealous, why not make it an inspiration to make your own #relationshipgoals?
Relationships are not always about cheesy stuff. A fulfilling relationship is packed with experiences that create delightful and unforgettable memories. It’s actually a journey full of adventures. And to make that journey worthwhile, why not set some real goals that you and your partner would do?
Spice up things and transform your relationship! Here are ten tips to defy your usual routine and set forth new and thrilling adventures with your lifetime partner.

1). Be Fit Together

The couple that sweats together stays together. Isn’t it more inspiring to pave your way into fitness if your other half is there by your side encouraging and pushing you to strive harder? Every weight lost and muscle gained is much sweeter when you do it together. And of course, sweat definitely does not disgust either of you – in fact, you’ve grown to kind of like it.
When working out, you don’t only build stronger muscles – you also build a stronger bond in your relationship. So stop unrolling yoga mattresses, pounding pavements, and hitting health clubs alone!

2). Travel Together

Use up all those stamp pages in your passport together! Discover the world as well as the different sides of your partner that you haven’t seen before. According to, about 1,000 couples understand how important traveling affected their relationship positively, almost two thirds (63%) of the respondents claimed that traveling has helped them stay together.
Travelling together actually destroys facades with little or nothing to hide and it’s either you appreciate these truths or you become disappointed. But isn’t discovering these flaws fulfilling? - because you know that you and your partner are the only ones who know about it.

3). Surprise Each Other

Show some spontaneity by surprising your significant other. Do something unexpected from time to time.  It doesn’t always have to be grand or expensive. What’s important is the thought and effort that you have put in just to spring a surprise that your partner would love.
Nothing is more satisfying to see how your plan went successfully and how happy your partner was after being surprised. There are many ways to surprise your partner! If you ever run out of surprise ideas, try checking out this link:

4). Meet The Family

Meeting your partner’s whole family is such a great milestone in your relationship. It is a vital thing that also shows how serious your relationship is. Getting yourself involved inside your significant other’s social and familial circle and showing that once anonymous face, as a matter of fact, is kicking it up a notch from casual dating to a more solidified couplehood. It means you are proud to announce how sincere your love is to the most important people in your partner’s life.
With the great amount of pressure, it would be normal to be tense at first. So, preparing very well on that big day is very crucial. How your partner’s family think of you matters so much so be sure to make a good impression! Take a good look at this link for do’s and don’ts that you must follow in meeting your sweetheart’s family.

5). Achieve Your Dreams Hand In Hand

Relationships should never be a distraction in achieving your personal goals in life. Choosing between love and career is not a decision you must face if you are with the right person. It may be difficult at times to manage both but it’s not impossible.
It’s one of your duties to support your better half in his/her life dreams. The only relationships that last a lifetime are those that continue to grow and develop towards each person’s individual goals. Celebrate every achievement together no matter how big or small it is!

6). Try New Things

After a while, you may feel like your relationship is lacking something. Doing the routinary activities constantly could lead to a dreadful and boring relationship. That might actually be the thrill of trying new things that’s missing.
Go on an adventure! Don’t be stuck up doing the same old stuff again and again. Quit feeling stultified by the daily grind and shake things up with new undertakings! If you think you ran out of things to try with your partner, give this link a check!

7). Cook As A Couple

Food tastes best when it’s cooked with love and with the one you love. There’s just something so sentimental about preparing and eating with your perfect match. Eating together has the same effect as cooking together. It’s another way of connecting, being creative and communicating with your partner.
There should not be any pressure or competition when cooking together because the main goal you should have for doing it is to have a good time, learn and make something delicious together. Cooking, in fact, is a simple way to enhance your skills and knowledge individually and at the same time growing as a couple.

8). Bond With Friends

Meeting your lover’s friends can be as nerve-wracking as meeting his/her parents. Becoming friends with them can strengthen your bond and make the times you spend going out way more enjoyable. Showing your effort to become friendly with his/her buddies will also prove how much you care for your partner and these efforts will definitely be appreciated.
Acknowledging how important these people are to your partner means you’ll take the trouble of accommodating them no matter how annoying they may seem for you. They’re a huge part of your lover’s life and along with his/her family. They’re part of the package! You are most likely obligated to spend time with them because of course, you may not want to completely opt out of your partner’s social life right?

9). Go Out On Simple Dates

Dates don’t necessarily have to be majestic or exorbitant regularly. It does not always require you to dig too deep into your wallet for fancy restaurants because hey - it’s not the material things that matter right? What matters most are the euphoric memories that you build in even the simplest things you do together.
The time you spend with him/her weighs more than the money you spend on dates. Try this list of cheap and awesome date ideas to help you!

10). Grow Old Together

In this world full of things that are not meant to last, growing old together is the ultimate relationship goal of all time! Being someone’s first love may be great but being their last is beyond. A perfect relationship is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other from the beginning until the end. A love that lasts a lifetime is no joke. It is built day by day and only becomes richer the longer it lasts.
Just like how a dazzling morning turns into a starry night or a shiny piece of metal that eventually becomes rusty, your youthfulness and beauty will also fade away. The strands of your hair might turn gray but the love that you have for each other should never fade away.
Which of these relationship goals are your favorites? What did we forget to include in the list? Let us know in the comments!


Meet The World, a brand-new, full-service interactive social sharing platform designed to partner people up from around the world in pursuit of new friendships and communication, this week officially launched its free, collaborative platform for providing sustainable and reliable avenues of connection for any type of age, gender, ethnicity, and more.

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Monday, April 10, 2017


Hello …………………………..,
MeetTheWorld provides you each and every facility to initiate and continue your quest of global friendship. The most important step in this quest is to let the world know who you are. In order to do that, the first thing you need is a proper and nice profile which contains adequate information about you.
To view your profile or to make changes in it, first Login into MeetTheWorld and then go to “MY PROFILE” at the top of the page. You will be directed to your profile page.

The first thing a viewer of your profile is going to see is your profile picture. So you should be very selective to choose one. Your profile picture should represent you and has to speak for you. If you don’t have one, or want to change the existing one, just put the cursor on the profile pic, and a logo with a camera will appear.

Click on it and a box will appear asking you either to drag and drop or to browse for pic. Choose the option that suits you and thus change/upload your profile picture.
Next, add or change information in your profile by placing your cursor on the top right side of the profile progress bar. A logo for settings will appear.

Click on it to go to the “PROFILE EDIT” page. There you can change your password.
Here you will be shown your percentage of completion of your profile. Also, there will be the general information about you. Here you can choose which things to share in public and which things to preserve as private. You can make changes in your general information here.

Under the general information, there is an entire section for you to share further information about you with the heading “ABOUT ME”. You can write anything you want about you, can mention any request you’d like to make to everyone out there, write about your interests and hobbies, favourite Books, Music, Movies, TV Shows and your favourite quotes too!
Make an informative and interesting profile and let the world know your qualities. Make more friends, hurry up!

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