Friday, March 31, 2017


Hello ………………………,
We are really happy to have the opportunity to thank you for your relentless support and feedback. Through our website, we’ve been trying to connect people all over the world in a bond of friendship and hence escalate the idea of global village. Your cordial cooperation has been a great source of inspiration for us.

Befriending has been made easy and fun by MeetTheWorld. We have organized very effective search options for you to find friends and to be found. After finding out your desired MeetTheWorld user, you can visit his/her profile and click on the “Add Friend” option.

#MeetTheWorld. #Meet The World.

Once you do so, you will be asked to confirm your request to add the user as a friend. Click on “OK” to confirm, and the user will be notified of your friend request. Then the user will have to approve the friend request.

Once s/he accepts you as a friend, then TA DA! You two will be connected as friends. As friends, you two will appear under each other’s friend list and will be privileged to share a lot of things!

Enrich your friend list today! Find out people that share the same interests as yours on the MeetTheWorld website and add them as your friend using our “Add Friend” option! Hurry up!

#MeetTheWorld. #Meet The World.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Hi ……………………..,
We hope you are enjoying our all new exciting features. Our team of experts are working day and night to surprise you with more excitement and fun. We are here to connect you to your friends – home and abroad. And in order to connect, the first step is finding out. Well, our team awaits with the WORLD MAP to help you find your pals and make new mates.
Check out the “World Map” option on the MeetTheWorld homepage. It’s at the top, just beside the “Search” option. You can’t miss it!

#MeetTheWorld. #Meet The World.

Once you click on the “World Map” option, you’ll be shown the complete world map with the countries’ names. Number of MeetTheWorld user on those countries is also mentioned there. Now, you can click on the country’s name where you’d like to conduct the search. Say, for example, the USA! Click on it, and you’ll now be shown the names of the states and the number of MeetTheWorld user in them. Choose your desired state’s name, click on it. A more detailed map with the location of those users will be shown. Click on the location, and now you are going to see their username clicking which will lead you to their profile and show you some general information about them which they made public like their gender, joining date, birthday, language, interests, location etc. You will find more about them if they share more information in their profile. You can see their followers’ number, find what they shares publicly in their newsfeed.
So, what are you waiting for? Explore the “World Map” option today and find new friends. With our world map, no place is too far to explore, the boundaries are no barriers anymore!
Your friend awaits, click now!

#MeetTheWorld. #Meet The World.

#MeetTheWorld. #Meet The World.

 #MeetTheWorld. #Meet The World


Hello ……………...,
Life is lifeless without friends, and it is always fun to make new friends all over the world. To do so, the MeetTheWorld team is ever ready with their exciting new features which will make your quest for friends quicker and easier.

On the right side of the MeetTheWorld homepage, there is a quick search option. There are categories like Male/Female from which you can choose or leave unchecked.

We provide you a variety of interests from which you are to choose which you like. You can choose more than one options here. Just let us know what you are looking for, friendship, flirting, pen pals, romance… anything! Also add your fields of interest like arts, or history, or religion!
Couldn’t make up your mind? Never mind! Just click on “Whatever”!

Then there is option to choose location. We use the World Map to find out your desired friend/s with your given location boundaries. However, these options themselves are optional, that is, you can choose to ignore them!

Last but not the least, you can choose between the options of “online only” and “with photo”. With these options you let us know whether the search results will be shown with photos or the search will be among the members who are present online.

Even if you choose not to categorize the search, no worries! We will attempt a search for you anyway!
Wait no more dear friend! May be your would be best buddy awaits you on the other side of the world! Or, it could be your quest for your soul-mate! Search and find out, it’s just one click away!

 Meet The World

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


MeetTheWorld is combination of web community for people all around the world to share their culture, hobbies, language variations, sports and so much more.

MeetTheWorld will help you to find friends all over the world and will thus enable you to share their cultures in their profile.
Wherever you browse, MeetTheWorld is here to make your online quest easier and more fun. We hope to serve as a useful resource in keeping in touch with your near and dear ones, and in befriending new folks from all over the world.

Didn’t sign up yet? Wait no more. register here.

– The MeetTheWorld Team


· MeetTheWorld is 100% FREE for everyone!
· You can find new friends from all around the world!
· It has a very effective search engine that finds out specifically what kind of friends you are looking for checking their age group, language, interests, hobbies, viewpoints and a lot more.
· You can find friends around the world using World Map
· Enables you to send unlimited messages, chatting gets real here!

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